From The Publisher

Dear Readers, Advertisers and Friends. I love the month of May as I call it the month of miracles. With this issue of Lesbian News, I have been owner/ publisher for 19 of its 39 years. Lesbian News or as it’s more commonly known,  LN, has the distinction and responsibility of being the nation’s longest running lesbian publication. My vision has always been to have a copy of the LN on your coffee table that you could be proud of as it provides a voice for lesbians of all ages.  Our LN vehicle gives lesbians the opportunity to experience women’s art, music, literature, films, news and history. Our cover stories are done as an exclusive, in person interview so as to cover all the details and pertinent information about the person.

In 2005 my wife Gladi Adams PhD, joined me fulltime in running the LN. Gladi takes the editorial vision of LN keeping it to inform, entertain, and be of service to women who love women of all ages, economic classes and color. Our LN team writers are some of the best writers in the country.

Over these past 8 years we have gone from tabloid newsprint  to an all gloss, all color with a size you can now fold in half to put into your jacket pocket, jeans, purse, etc. We also have state of the art social media. Our website with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts keep you in touch with your friends or with local and international lesbians.

I now have reached the vision that I had 19 years ago, with the help of loved ones, many friends and most deservedly our Executive Vice President, Stacy Cantrell.

We're Digital!Lesbian News is now international.  We have been approved by Apple Inc. and you can now go to the Apple Store to subscribe to the LN and download our App to your iPad and read anywhere in the world.  This is so exciting that we are able to bring LN into the 21st century digitally.

Thank you all for your continued support. Lesbian News is our contribution to the LGBT community.


Ella Matthes, Owner/Publisher