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4 lesbian podcasts you can check out

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Lesbian podcasts

4 lesbian podcasts you can check out

Lesbian podcastsFor the month of November, Lesbian News featured Ginni Saraswati and her new podcast show, The Ginni Show in the latest issue. But there are a great number of lesbian podcasts out there.

Like The Ginni Show, these shows can be found online. Some of them, like DeAnne Smith, are natural comedians like Ginni.

Here are four still active podcasts hosted by queer women that you can check out:

Lesbian podcasts #1: Lesbian Lounge

Coming all the way from England, the Lesbian Lounge is hosted by Denise, an American living in London. She talks about a slew of “Lesbo-Land” topics from the US to the UK.

The podcast is produced by MyLesbianRadio.com and offers LGBT news, reviews, content, web series, businesses, events, music and guests.

Check them out here.

Lesbian podcasts #2: The Girls Hour

This one coming from Australia, The Girls Hour is hosted by Jen and Michele out in Melbourne.

A weekly radio show on JOY 94.9 aired on Monday and Tuesday, this can be downloaded as an app or is available as live streaming on their website.

On the show, the two talk about a variety of topics and causes– including helping to build a community that reaches the LGBTQIA.

They also promote books by different authors on their site, as well as other featured artists, musicians, and causes.

Check them out here.

Lesbian podcasts #3: Another Word for Lesbian

So we have one podcast from across the pond and another from Australia. But what from the US?

The podcast Another Word for Lesbian is hosted by writers Torrie & Erika, who identify themselves as “queer and lesbian, black, carefree besties laughing in New York City.”

Their podcast comes out as bi-weekly and the topics range from black queer issues, the writing life, pop culture, and other ridiculousness.

Check them out here.

Lesbian podcasts #4: Questionable at Best

Lastly, the podcast Questionable at Best is hosted by world-famous comedian DeAnne Smith.

A Canadian-American comedian, writer, and columnist, Smith has won awards (like Sydney Comedy Festival’s Time Out Best Newcomer Award) and done appearances like Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show the HBO series Funny as Hell.

On this podcast, Smith asks one question to one guest and everything interesting flows from there.

How about you? Heard any good lesbian podcasts lately?

For more about The Ginni Show and Ginni Saraswati, check out this month’s latest issue of Lesbian News.

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