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5 lesbian movie characters that left an indelible mark on our lives

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Memorable movie characters

5 lesbian movie characters that left an indelible mark on our lives

Memorable movie characters
Who hasn’t seen a film and felt this overwhelming connection to the lesbian movie characters on the screen? We suppose that’s why we like a particular movie– because we see ourselves in it.

Which of these lesbian characters left an indelible mark on your life?

Idgie Threadgoode_Fried Green Tomatoes

Idgie Threadgoode (Fried Green Tomatoes)

It doesn’t matter if nobody ever called Idgie (Mary Stuart Masterson) a lesbian or even a tomboy in the movie. What’s more important is that no one will ever forget her boyish charms.

Though Idgie is naughty and rebellious, she also loves a righteous woman named Ruth– and that’s all that matters.

Brandon Teena_Boys Don't Cry

Brandon Teena (Boys Don’t Cry)

This may be cheating as Brandon (Hillary Swank) was a transgender rather than a lesbian.

Still, Swank’s award-winning portrayal of a delinquent, ladies’ man stayed on the minds of a lot of LGBT and straight alike– especially after she was raped and later on killed.

Nic_The Kids are Alright

Nic (Kids Are Alright)

Joni Mitchell’s song “All I Want” certainly resonated with the audience when Nic (Annete Bening) sang it with Paul (Mark Ruffalo), the sperm donor of her children.

Given that Paul has also slept with her partner, Jules (Julianne Moore), the lines, “Do you see? Do you see? Do you see how you hurt me, baby” was apt when Nic later found out about the affair.


Violet (Bound)

In film noir, the wife of a mobster usually cheats– not just on the husband– but also the mob of their money with another guy.

And then there’s Violet (Jennifer Tilly) who does this with a lesbian who’s doing the plumbing in her house.

Luce_Imagine Me and You

Luce (Imagine Me and You)

This little romantic comedy is a perfect example of a sleeper. It clicked well with the movie audiences even if the premise was your typical rom-com: Rachel (Piper Perabo) left her fiancée because she fell in love with her florist, Luce (Lena Heady).

Okay, so maybe it’s not that typical. Stil, Luce is the perfect leading man or leading woman. Or better, the perfect leading lesbian. This could explain why she’s so memorable.

So who’s your favorite? List down your own top lesbian film characters in the comments below!

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