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5 lesbian sex myths to be debunked

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Lesbian sex myths

5 lesbian sex myths to be debunked

Lesbian sex may be a complete mystery to some, including lesbians who are a virgin at sex. Unfortunately, just like with any mystery, there are a lot of lesbian sex myths going around.

When somebody asks us about certain lesbian sex styles, we have to chuckle inside as we explain to them like little children the process of how we do it.

Here are five myths about lesbian sex that are both funny AND exasperating.

Lesbian sex myths #1: NBSB

To be specific: we’re supposedly NBSB or “no boyfriend since birth.”

This is usually a misconception about lesbians, that we’ve been with a girl all our lives. Thus, we have never had sex with a man.

If you ask this to a millennial with their queer identity and all, you just might get a slap on the face.

But here in Lesbian News, we’re a little more patient. So let us explain.

A lot of us has had boyfriends in the past. In fact, a number of us were married before. Ergo, a lot of us have slept with a man, tasted dick, and has experienced heterosexual orgasm.

It’s just that some of us prefer women now.

Lesbian sex myths #2: We prefer cuddling to sex

We believe majority of the adult population of the world like sex. Loving sex is a human thing because of the pleasure it gives.

How are lesbians any different from the whole human population?

The only reason there’s this myth that we prefer cuddling is because for the longest time, media has sanitized the image of lesbians on TV and film.

We’re only shown as cuddling to imply we’re lesbians. It’s really only now that lesbians get to be lesbians on screen.

So don’t believe everything you see on TV on in the movie screen because as the case with lesbians, we like sex as much as cuddling.

Lesbian sex myths #3: Lesbians all have sex

But then again, because we are normal people, we have diverse personalities.

That’s why, while there are a huge number of people who love sex, who thinks sex is part of living, there are lesbians who also don’t think this is an important matter.

Some really prefer cuddling.

Lesbian sex myths #4: HIV is the only disease we get through sex

This is a sexual myth believed not only by the heterosexual world but by the LGBT community as well.

Some LGBT persons are too worried about getting HIV but they neglect to remember they can get other sicknesses through sex.

Pulmonary diseases are transferable by close contact with a person infected such as pneumonia, strep, flu, and even the common cold.

So avoid having sex when you’re sick with an infectious disease. Do your share and DON’T share.

Lesbian sex myths #5: We’re the original Christian Grey

Because of the underground image of lesbians for a long time (where our relationships are usually hidden from society), so many sexual things can be imagined from it.

One of them is that our style of sex is kinky and we indulge in BDSM, much like the character of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, but with leather corsets and whips.

We do role-playing, yes, but so do do a lot of straight couples. We like our dildos, sure, but we don’t find anything kinky about it. We indulge in oral sex but, come on, is that even deviant?

We do sex but only because we have a different way of doing it, it doesn’t already mean it’s kinky.

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