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6 fictional lesbian couples we love

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Saving face - fictional lesbian couples

6 fictional lesbian couples we love

Saving face - fictional lesbian couples

For the longest time, lesbians had only fictional lesbian characters with star-crossed affairs to bank on to give them thrills. But thanks to television and the movies, here are a few modern takes of fictional lesbian couples and their stories we’ve come to love:

Lost and Delirious

Pauleen and Victoria (Lost and Delirious)

As much as this film didn’t end well–¬†okay, it was tragic– the love affair between these two boarding mates did make our heart throb passionately.

They were young, their love was prohibited, and they didn’t know what was happening. All they knew was they were falling madly in love with each other.

The Kids are Alright

Jules and Nic (The Kids are Alright)

This film isn’t so old, set at the cusp of a booming lesbian culture. The comfortable ease of the practically-married couple almost made us wish we could live their lives.

“Relationships are hard,” Nic (played by Julianne Moore) said, which made us love this couple even more. Their pains, their fears, their struggles, and their happiness all feel real.

L Word

Shane and Carmen (The L Word)

We really rooted for this fictional lesbian relationship to work out. For one, they looked good together with or without clothes. And second, we felt Carmen was good for Shane and saw how Shane really loved her.

But fictional or not, sometimes we have fears we don’t understand, which is why we understood why Shane had to leave Carmen at the altar. Still, we really loved them.

Dating lesbians

Will and Vivian (Saving Face)

This Chinese-American movie may be a simpler version of The Wedding Banquet. However, the emotions in Saving Face is akin to a wisp of cool air that tingles on your skin.

Will is awkward, Vivian is beautiful, and yet their chemistry sparks. When they first hook up, we wish we could fall in love for the first time again.

If these walls could talk 2

Edith and Abby (If These Walls Could Talk 2)

The first of a three-story film that centers on lesbians, Edith and Abby was one of those old couples from the closeted ’50s era. After building a life together, one of them dies and the other loses the only life she knew.

It was a period of pre-gay marriage, such that when Abby died, Edith had no legal nor social right as Abbey’s longtime partner. Though their story felt rather contrived to make you cry bucket of tears, it was effective.

Imagine me and you

Rachel and Luce (Imagine Me and You)

While some might be a little sick of this cute movie, the best part about it is that Rachel and Luce ended up together at the end of the film.

What’s not to like about that?

What’s your favorite fictional lesbian couple from TV or movieland?

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