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April Femastrology 2020

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April Femastrology 2020

by Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

A note from Victoria: I am available 7 days a week to do telephone, Skype, and Zoom readings. They simply need to go to my website or contact me directly at 760-634-1028. They can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

April 2020 will be both motivating and contentious. This is a pivotal time. As 2020 continues, we have an unprecedented chance to find out who we really are. Each and every one of us will be challenged to find our self-worth and foster self-acceptance on a whole new level. We will also learn the true meaning of compassion for our fellow beings. If you are a leader, you will be called to lead. If you are a team player, you will be called by your team. And if you are a follower, you must find someone or something worth following. We all just got one hell of a wake-up call. Lots of people knew something BIG was coming, even predicted it, but now it’s here and we need our boots are on the ground. During the months ahead there will hurdles, but there will also be breakthroughs and inspiration.

Transformation: Quite literally, we are experiencing the real time breakdown of the old order, as new forms arise. You had a job yesterday, today your company is closing down. The list goes on and on. Things are developing moment by moment right before our eyes. It might seem like a black hole, but it can easily become a psychic portal for those who are seeking wisdom and empowerment. Saturn’s recent entrance into Aquarius will help us cultivate the ability to visualize new possibilities, which is exactly what we need to do. Change is tough, particularly when you aren’t given a choice. My advice: don’t fight it, join it. New possibilities are coming into being rapidly. Trust it and be open to it.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: 2020 began at the peak of this historic planetary alignment, and it has been an epic kick in the pants. The years leading up to 2020 were tough, and we hoped the New Year would be different. The fact of the matter is, when Saturn and Pluto meet, the world changes. It’s happened before throughout history, many times. During the most recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction that peaked around 1982, the world learned that AIDS was real, and Reaganomics began to take shape in the US. But the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction is the most potent many of us will ever see. Over the past couple of years, this gargantuan planetary pairing has been gearing up. During 2019, the stage was set. And then, Saturn and Pluto had their perfect meetup on January 12, 2020. And our collective soul shivered. When we look back at all this, we will say to ourselves, we remember the world before 2020, and after 2020. It can go in a good direction, if we work together. In reality, every new day represents uncharted territory, and a chance to grow and start anew. We will come out the other side of this, but there is a great deal of work to be done.

But what does it mean? Honestly, we astrologers are usually just preaching to the choir. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not going to help the average person very much at all. This is why, instead of reiterating all the ins and outs of planetary stuff that led up to it, I’m just going to break it down so you can figure out what to do about it. Right now, we truly need to see the forest from the trees!

Number 1: What the heck is this? It’s a Wake-Up Call of the first order, both personally and globally. We will be forced to push through hardship and loss towards building new foundations. Money, power, and resources will be redistributed. Some will do very well, while many will have to make major economic adjustments. People in power will be tested, as will governments across the globe. There will be winners, and losers. And all of us will be tested as individuals. We must find our core values, and rise above our old habits so we can move forward. Corruption will be unequivocally revealed, and hopefully, people will challenge it. The Coronavirus is obviously a big part of what’s happening, but this goes way beyond fighting a pandemic or even dealing with climate change or politics. It’s about fighting for a better way of life. For America, and for humans, and for all beings, we must clear a path so more of us can truly succeed in “the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.” We are also being challenged to stop trashing the Earth, so we can live with it, not just on it.

Number 2: When does it end? It doesn’t really end, it unfolds, we adapt, and we change. Once Saturn and Pluto “perfected” on January 12, 2020, that was a turning point. We had reached critical mass. But the influence is potent and its effects will continue to reshape life as we know it far into the future. The cat is out of the bag now, and we are now in cleanup mode, as we go through the growth pains of our newly born reality. Saturn and Pluto will still be close during 2020, on and off, even though they are separating. So, the hard part is getting through 2020. Things won’t just clear up one day, it’s a process. There will be positive turning points this year, and I will continue to tell you about all of them. But we can’t just wait for things to change. Our own attitudes, actions, behavior, and energy must be altered. That is what will make the difference. This is a call to action, for body, mind, and spirit.

Number 3: The Good News. There is reason to be optimistic. It’s still going to be a tough row to hoe during 2020, and beyond, but there is help on the way! There’s a major installment of good juju on April 4, 2020 when Jupiter lines up with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a symbol of a new social order being born. There will be breakthroughs, although it might not be obvious at first. Nevertheless, it’s a game-changer for the better. I’m sure there are some cool scientists who have this degree of Capricorn in their charts! Jupiter and Pluto will have 2 other meetups this year in June and November, which is going to help us get through the obstacles we are facing. Yay!!!

Number 4: What should you do? Let’s face it. Most of us are busy scrambling to get through our day to day challenges. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and everyday problems to solve. Some people have been lucky. But the vast majority of people will go through battles and struggles, much of it financial in nature. Many people are learning to cope with physical, emotional, and psychological uncertainty they have not faced before. I was listening to Suzie Orman the other day and she said we need to focus on making sure we have our immediate needs met, and we are safe. Good advice. Then she said “and you should plan ahead.” And she is spot on! People first, money and things second. But planning ahead is also crucial. Have a plan A, a plan B, and a plan C. You might have to make changes that are uncomfortable. We need to be adaptable. Be smart, not stubborn. Don’t hide from your responsibilities and wait for things to “blow over.” Most of us are not going to just be able to sit this one out. It’s about being practical and proactive. Things will straighten out regarding the pandemic. But our weaknesses have now been revealed. So, lets patch things up and get through this part, but make larger repairs to the fabric of our lives as we go along.

Number 5: Why did this happen? Well, some of it is fate, and a lot of it has to do with us humans and the way we tend to do things. This is NOT just about the virus, money, politics, or climate change. It is not a punishment from God or Mother Nature. Not as far as I’m concerned, anyway. It’s about us and how we have been living on this planet. We have a lot of good in us, but we are slow to change. We tend to be pretty stuck on ourselves and think we are more advanced than we really are. And a lot of times, we want what we want, and we want it now, and we don’t think about the price we will pay later. The good news is, we are capable of greatness. And we can transcend our limitations. This is an incredibly spiritual moment. Every moment is, actually. But in this very moment, there is a different kind of enlightenment available to more and more people. My hope is, that it is taking hold, and we will begin to see how powerful our good side really is.

Number 6: How can you help? Be brave. Find your strength. Reach out to others. Pay it forward, if you are able to. Ask for help if you need it. Support businesses that are still open in your area so they can keep going. Network. Throw fear out the window. Get into a good routine. Don’t dwell on petty things. Be grateful. Access healing energy through prayer, meditation, plants, nature, animals, and people. Get on a Spiritual Path, if you are so inclined. Don’t isolate yourself, even if you have to be alone. Conquer bad habits. Banish bigotry. Be kinder. Get over your fear of the internet and social media, right now. Connect to people that way so you don’t feel alone and neither do they. Be generous with others, materially, if possible, and spiritually, most definitely. Affirm positive energy every chance you get. Feel your feelings and don’t be afraid to go through pain and grief. Find your inner warrior, and put them in charge of your life. Make smart and logical choices and help others around you to do the same. And to paraphrase my favorite Sagittarius, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when you get tired, think about the first responders and others that are working on your behalf. And I say, send those people some serious love! Can I hear and Amen? And please, don’t be complacent about your government. You will only have a voice if you use it.

There’s a Full Moon at 18° Libra on April 7, 2020 at 7:35 pm PDT. This is another big one! Mars, the War god, squares with Uranus, the wild card. Expect the unexpected and get ready to rumble. I’ll be honest, this is a challenging Full Moon. But it is also an enormous amount of energy you can channel into your strength. Don’t get swept up into the drama. Just roll with it. Use the Libra Moon to maintain grace under fire. Keep your temper in check and be extra generous to everyone around you. Not a day for risky activities, which has a much wider definition these days. This Moon is good for magic and intentions involving lining up your needs as an individual with the needs of others. Relationships will be tested, but could come out stronger for it.

There’s a New Moon at 03° Taurus on April 22, 2020 at 7:26 pm PDT. Energy reset! It’s Earth Day, so let’s tune in to the spirit of our beautiful Mother Earth! The next day Ramadan begins. In the Muslim faith Ramadan encourages people to practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate. How appropriate! The Sun and New Moon will be close to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the principle of change and revolution. Let’s use this powerful New Moon to set the stage for positive transformation, both for ourselves, and our world. Taurus is strongly related to the material world, the physical body, and the Earth herself. Magic and affirmations related to healing, abundance, and stability are favored.

Pluto in Capricorn goes Retrograde April 25, 2020. That darn Pluto again! It does represent a cycle of changes and challenges that will continue through October 2020. On the favorable side, it can help us to retrace our steps and retrieve information to help us solve problems.

Opportunity Days: April 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 24, 26 and 27. That’s a lot!

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