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Best lesbian film moments we keep watching

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Lesbian film moments

Best lesbian film moments we keep watching

Lesbian film moments
Indulge us if we go for a little girl-on-girl action at the movies. Some of the best lesbian film moments, after all, are those that involve steamy sex scenes.

But, don’t worry, we also included some of the most tender moments. We’re little puppies in love too, you know.

Black Swan scene

1. Black Swan

So, yes, we did include this in our list of the worst lesbian movies for the simple fact that it was just a dream sequence. But we have to admit, fantasy or not, it was one of the hottest sex scenes between two women.

We can admit we were tugging at our collars from the hotness.

Boys dont cry scene

2. Boys Don’t Cry

There was this scene where Hillary Swank was in jail and Chloe Sevigny came to bail her out. Swank’s Brandon Teena was trying to explain how she ended up in the women’s cell when, supposedly, she’s a guy.

But Sevigny’s Lana Tisdel had fallen deeply in love with Brandon already that she didn’t care she was a girl. That’s amore.

Boys dont cry scene2

3. Boys Don’t Cry (again)

Okay, we know that this is cheating since we’re mentioning this film twice. However, this movie was a very monumental film for us.

This time it was the sex scene between Lana and Brandon– who was still pretending to be a guy.

We’re still wondering how Brandon was able to pull it off with her pseudo-penis. Not to mention that she was able to make Lana come while pretending.

Blue is the warmest color scene

4. Blue is the Warmest Color

There were so many beautiful, sexual moments in Blue is the Warmest Color that we have to say all of their lovemaking scenes should be included in a list of the best moments in film history.

Seriously, we have never seen scissoring done with both grace and beauty.

Cruel intentions scene

5. Cruel Intentions

Just like Black Swan, everybody talked about the kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was hot, it was realistic, and it caught everybody by surprise.

We had our mouths open while watching them kiss; it was that real.

Antonias line scene

6. Antonia’s Line

This is a little-known film from 1995 that won Best Foreign Film at the Oscar’s that year. The movie isn’t about lesbianism per se but it was so accepting of the sexuality.

The film is about Antonia and her daughter, Danielle, a lesbian who fell for her child’s teacher.

Their silhouetted, naked kissing scene was one of the most tender moments between two women we have ever seen.

Bound scene

7. Bound

The first Wachowski brothers film, or as Pop Dust called it, “two hours of lesbian love.”

No need to say more.


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