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Deconstructing the different lesbian types

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Deconstructing the different lesbian types

We thought it would be interesting to deconstruct the different lesbian types. Though lesbian personalities are too diverse to generalize, we can’t help but categorize ourselves.

Just like human sexuality– male, female, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender– the lesbian umbrella covers all sorts. As an example, look at the different lesbian types in The L Word.

Here’s what we’ve discovered:

The Boston Marriage

There’s a chance this person is just an urban myth. However, there are always whispers in the lesbian neighborhood of a lesbian in a Boston Marriage.

A Boston Marriage means the lesbian is in a relationship with a woman but they don’t have sex. Curious, we know. But who knows, this mythical lesbian might actually exist.

The Lipstick Lesbian

We keep hearing about this sort, but what exactly is a Lipstick Lesbian?

A lipstick lesbian is the one that’s quite feminine: from dresses to the love for cute things, including– but not necessarily into– wearing lipstick.

What makes them different from straight girls is that they prefer women to men. Also known as femmes, think Portia de Rossi.

The College Dorm

The College Dorm lesbian is also associated with the term LUG, or “Lesbian Until Graduation”. This type had a relationship with a girl– but it was only during college.

Likewise, the main reason cited is that she was only experimenting.

But as we find out more about sexual fluidity, these college dorm-types or LUGs may go into lesbian relationships later on.

That is, their heterosexual relationships or marriages fail, or they find out their true calling.

The Chapstick Lesbian

If this is a quiz, this would be fun. Try to guess this one: what does the word ‘chapstick’ connote? If your guess is androgyny, you got it right.

A Chapstick Lesbian is neither butch nor femme. Their fashion style is neither male nor female. Their mannerism swings between masculine and feminine. However, they’re not bisexuals but more like true-blue Sapphists.

This term came from Ellen Degeneres herself, when asked if she was a lipstick lesbian.

The Pillow Queen

We can hear the cheers from a lot us out there with this one. A Pillow Queen is the kind that likes to have sex with women. What makes her different is that she prefers to be on the receiving end.

If we need to elaborate, this type doesn’t reciprocate, meaning she gets the orgasm but lets you do it on your own. Ouch.

The Highest Rung

The Highest Rung is more popularly known as a power lesbian. This one is the alpha of the lot: good in business, well-connected, and usually an executive or CEO.

So, what type are you? Or do you think we’ve missed one? Sound off in the comments below if you think some notable lesbian types should be on our list.

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