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The dilemma of LGBT Republicans

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Caitlyn Jenner - LGBT Republicans

The dilemma of LGBT Republicans

Caitlyn Jenner - LGBT Republicans
Even though Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t seem embracing of gender equality, LGBT Republicans do think inclusive progress is being made with the party’s platform.

However, they also admit that any move by the members of the Republican Party to undo this inclusiveness is trying their patience.

LGBT Republicans appreciative of their freedom

LGBT Republican activists say that they are feeling optimistic and positive. Gay rights have reached new levels of both cultural and legislative recognition.

Likewise, the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage opened a lot of doors for acceptance, and they believe the Republican Party has never been more tolerant.

“The world that we live in is one in which gay marriage exists,” said Sarah Longwell, vice chair of Log Cabin, an LGBT group that works within the Republican Party.

“Those that are trying to come and undo it are doing themselves a disservice. And they’re doing the Republic Party a disservice, because you’re going to lose people like me,” said Longwell, who has been married to a woman since 2013.

Caitlyn Jenner speaks for LGBT Republicans

One of the more high-profile transgender woman in the US– Caitlyn Jenner– remains committed to the Republican Party.

The I Am Cait star attended the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. She recently delivered a speech at the ‘Big Tent Brunch,’ an event supporting LGBT rights hosted by the American Unity Fund.

Jenner admitted she’s “been very disappointed over the last five, ten years” over the Republican party’s take on certain social issues.

However, she “won’t give up hope” that the organization will move closer toward her beliefs.

“It was easier to come out as trans, it was harder to come out as a Republican!” Jenner said.

She also acknowledged that the Democratic Party “does a better job” than the Republican Party when it comes to matters pertaining to the LGBT community.

But she has a game plan in mind for the future of the Republican party. She said, “I think the Republican Party needs to understand– they need to know people who are trans.”

“There are actually trans people out in this audience right now that you have no idea they’re trans… So, I’m here today, since most people don’t know anybody who’s trans, [so you can] get to know somebody,” she said.

Jenner admitted that no person or party is perfect, but that doesn’t mean she’ll quit trying to improve things: “I’m not giving up on this country. I’m not giving up on this constitution.”

“I want this country to thrive. I want this country to be the best place in the world to do business, I want jobs for everybody, I want jobs for the trans community, and so hopefully we can all make some positive changes if we all work together,” she said.

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