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Ellen Page speaks up for LGBTs in The Talk

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Ellen Page The Talk

Ellen Page speaks up for LGBTs in The Talk

Ellen Page The Talk
Academy Award-nominee Ellen Page’s “I’m tired of lying by omission” speech said a lot about the young actress’ strength when she came out at the Time to Thrive conference for the welfare of the LGBT youth.

This strength is now more apparent as she becomes a more prominent voice in the LGBT community, especially in the wake of her interview at CBS’ The Talk.

Ellen Page as an LGBT voice

In the past, some celebrity lesbians had refused to take up the role of being a model in the community, feeling that they would be stereotyped for their sexuality.

But not Page, who appeared on The Talk to talk about her new film with Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore, Freeheld, and about coming out.

“When the film first came up when I was 21. I was quite a closeted person, shall we say, and it really was kinda amazing how my own story correlated and paralleled with the development of this film,” Page said.

“There really are people like Laurel and Stacie that inspire you, they inspire you to do the right thing for yourself, to be a happier person, and to be a visible person for the community,” she added.

Ellen Page’s candidness and honesty

Page revealed a candid and honest picture of herself during her appearance on The Talk: no anger, no bitterness– only being happy to be out.

As she mentioned during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: “I’m so grateful for how I feel now compared to how I felt as a closeted person.”

“It was not a nice place to be,” she said.

During her appearance at the The Talk, Page also related how Linda Perry was so touched by the movie Freeheld that the singer wrote the song “Hands of Love,” which Miley Cyrus sang in the movie’s soundtrack.

“We all know Linda Perry is a genius. Honestly I just feel so fortunate that she saw the film and was moved by it and wrote this song that was so stunning,” Ellen Page said.


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