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February 2017 Femastrology

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February 2017 Femastrology

02 February Femastrology - AquariusFebruary begins with Venus, the planet of Love, heading into Aries, the sign of the Warrior. This influence could be exciting, but is also volatile. People may be more prone to taking emotionally driven risks, both in Love and with Money.

By the way, Mars is in Aries this month, too! Venus and Mars in Aries will not be boring, folks! On the positive side, this fiery duo could spark enthusiasm and turn into action. Passions will be running high and people will be less likely to settle or negotiate.

To further complicate things, Venus will be going Retrograde in March, which will prolong her stay in the somewhat uncomfortable realm of Aries. A good use of this vibration would be creative action towards goals and causes. Knee-jerk reactions in relationships and impulsive spending would be good things to avoid.

Jupiter in Libra will go Retrograde on February 5, 2017, and will not turn direct until June. This is a highly significant retrograde, as Jupiter is a key player in several major planetary patterns involving Cardinal Signs during 2017, most notably, a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter is related to Law, Justice, Religion, and International Relations. Libra is also linked to the Law and all kinds of binding relationships and negotiations. Jupiter Retrograde will bring up a significant “review” and “re-thinking” of key issues relating to rules, laws, ethics, and morals. There will be a great need to solve battered International Relations, and many problems regarding foreign travel, immigration, and trade will arise.

As tricky as Jupiter Retrograde in Libra may sound, there is a Silver Lining if you are prepared to find ways to “Wage Peace,” both personally, and in your social/political life. Humanitarian concerns will be highlighted, and truths uncovered. This will eventually open doorways to positive actions and the furtherance of progressive movements.

On a personal level, agreeing to disagree and finding common ground will win the day. Many people may begin to realize they have more in common than they thought, ultimately bringing about unusual alliances.

There’s a Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on February 10, 2017. This is the first Eclipse of the year and is positively linked to planets in Air and Fire Signs. As exciting and expressive as this Eclipse may be, it is full of intensity, as is usual for these kinds of celestial events. This being said, enjoy the creative jolt, but seek to maintain your equilibrium at the same time!

This Lunar Eclipse if strongly related to the BIG SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21, 2017, at 28 degrees Leo. Perhaps events around February 10 will shed light on key issues that will take center stage this summer. These Eclipses are uniquely linked to the destiny of the USA, and also, as fate would have it, the chart of President Donald Trump. As history unfolds in front of us, let’s make sure we are participating in activities that represent progress and change for the better.

It’s going to be a dramatic year, but many breakthroughs can be made if people aspire to worthwhile goals.

On a personal level, you might find many important issues coming to a head around the February 10th Lunar Eclipse. We all have Leo and Aquarius in our birth charts somewhere, so everyone will be experiencing some fateful changes.

Use this to your advantage by getting in touch with your “Inner Creative Spark.” Powerful planetary events are always an opportunity to “reboot” your life path. Open up to your innate ability to manifest positive energy and abundance.

Using your passion and creativity towards a worthy cause would be a great way to channel this powerful Eclipse vibration. And remember, charity begins at home! Never be afraid to ask the Universe for abundance and blessings. Your prosperity will enable you to do more for those you love, and the world at large.

The Libra Moon on February 14, Valentine’s Day, will definitely be a little oasis of bliss for many lovebirds. But tensions could flare in the afternoon when the Moon in lovey Libra opposes Mars in Aries! This could either be sexy and exciting, or quarrelsome. Be conscious of your choices.

The Sun goes into Watery, Compassionate Pisces on February 18, 2017. Pisces is the “patron saint” of Helpers, Healers, and Creators. The Sign of the Fishes is also related to the plight of the “underdog” or those who are in great need.

This is a good time to get in touch with your own need to be healed, and to heal others. Altruism, Health and Healing, and Humanitarian concerns are some key Pisces themes that will come to the forefront in the upcoming weeks.

On February 22, 2017, Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn, which is a controversial vibration. Tensions could be high around this date, and this could lead to violent encounters. On a personal level, keep your awareness high, and stay centered. Also, choose your battles so you don’t engage in pointless struggles. This is a period where extreme weather and military action are likely.

There is a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on February 26, 2017, at 8 degrees Pisces. The Sun and Moon link up in tandem with the mysterious ruler of Pisces, Neptune.

Although this enticing trio can be fantastically creative and spiritual, it is also known for confusion, delusion, and deception. This could be a real heyday for “Alternative Facts” and covert activities.

With Mars lining up with Uranus on the same day, expect the unexpected, to put it mildly. Mars and Uranus conjunct in Aries could be explosive. This might be a good day to “lay low.”

Nevertheless, this is a profoundly mystical day, and any form of meditation, healing, visualization, or creativity could have astounding results.

Opportunity Days: February 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 15, and 20

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