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Honey Maid Makes ANOTHER Awesome Pro-LGBT Move

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Honey Maid Makes ANOTHER Awesome Pro-LGBT Move

Nabisco has made another incredible public display of support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community through their Honey Maid Graham Cracker advertising campaigns, with the latest coming just in time for Pride Month!

The snack company tweeted out this gif last Thursday, declaring their support for the LGBT community through social media with a clever play on the viral equality symbol.

Honey Maid Pride

The company also sent out this tweet on Monday:

Honey Maid Tweet

In March, Nabisco released a powerful pro-LGBT family ad that that drew criticism from a number of conservatives. In response, the company released another pro-queer ad in which two artists turned all of the negative feedback on social media into an incredible “Love” art installation.

Thanks for your continued support, Nabisco!

(Courtesy of HuffPost.com)

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