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How do you know if you’re a lesbian?

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Are you a lesbian

How do you know if you’re a lesbian?

If you’re reading Lesbian News, then you know you probably are. But then again, lesbians are so hip lately– lesbians are the new black!– that some women get carried away and join the bandwagon.

So to be sure you’re in this for the long haul– and not like Anne Heche who’s one moment a lesbian and the next moment isn’t– here are a few questions to test yourself.

If you answer yes to 90 percent of the questions, well, we don’t know why you even bothered wondering.

(Editor’s note: Snark mode on!)

1. Do you prefer driving a big car to a sedan?

Let’s face it. Lesbians have a little more testosterone in their emotions than most women. So there really is a tendency to have masculine tastes. This usually comes out in their choice of car.

Also, admit it, how many lesbians do you know own a pickup truck?

(Editor’s note: No, we don’t! We hatessss them, my preciousssss.)

2. Have you seen all 70 episodes of the L Word?

As a follow up to that, have you seen all 70 episodes more than once? And to go further, did it blow your mind the first time you watched Shane having sex with a girl in the swimming pool?

If you say yes to all these, you can actually stop wondering.

3. Do you feel jealous when you see a beautiful girl start talking to a guy?

As much as the playing field between sexes have leveled out, it still stings for a lesbian when a girl chooses a guy over her.

It’s not competition, mind you, but just carry-over feelings from the past when the guy gets the girl.

(Editor’s note: *Drunken-cries*.)

4. Do you see yourself growing old with a lesbian partner?

This is actually a question lesbians and bisexuals often wonder about, i.e. at some point they will want to settle down and choose a life partner.

Lesbian Life Expert Kathy Belge of About.Com wrote: “You like women. You’re sexually attracted to women. When you look to the future, you see yourself with women. You want to have sex with women, build a life with a woman, have relationships with women.”

“When you look deep inside, the word ‘lesbian’ feels right,” Belge said.

5. When you kiss a girl, does your heart beat fast?

In the end it all boils down to how you feel. It’s not a matter of asking but the way your emotions react to it.

So go kiss a girl and tell us how it feels. If it feels right, then you’re probably a lesbian.

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