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Jacqueline Audry’s “Olivia” movie gets 4k film treatment at the Quad

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Olivia movie

Jacqueline Audry’s “Olivia” movie gets 4k film treatment at the Quad

The LGBTQ community can get a chance to see a lesbian classic film with French director Jacqueline Audry’s “Olivia” movie getting the 4k treatment and being shown at the Quad Cinema in New York.

The press screening for the film from the 1950s will be on August 6, with the actual screening on August 16. But tickets will be on sale starting August 12.

The movie will be shown in French with English subtitles. The Quad Cinema is located at 34 W 13th Street, between 5th & 6th Ave. You can get more details at their website.

Olivia movie: Landmark lesbian film

Audry’s “Olivia,” which was first released in 1951, was based on the 1950 semi-autobiographical novel by Dorothy Bussy and had been called a “landmark in lesbian representation.”

When the movie was first released in the US, it was called “The Pit of Loneliness.”

The movie, set in a 19th century French finishing school, revolves around a new English boarder Olivia (played by Marie-Claire Olivia) and her relationship with two headmistresses: Cara (Simone Simon) and Julie (Edwige Feuillere).

Complications ensue when Olivia falls for Julie, which draws the jealous attention of Cara.

Olivia movie restored with 4k treatment

Fortunately, moviegoers can get a chance to see this version of “Olivia” restored with a 4k treatment. But what does 4k restoration treatment mean?

Older movies like “Olivia” made before 1990 used analogue cameras and photosensitive film. While highly detailed, they’re susceptible to flaws due to temperature changes, dirt or rough handling.

As time passes, films like these start to have stains or a grainy texture when viewed. While films today have gone digital, purists believe that analogue films are still more detailed with a higher resolution.

With the 4k treatment, the film undergoes digital scanning of the source material, which is uses the old film negatives. Even the sound can be turned into digital surround sound.

4K restoration:A blast from the past

The 4k treatment will render “Olivia” as close to the same image quality as the traditional 35-millimeter film prints– but is now digital. This is a long, hard process that involves going through the film frame by frame.

They first have to clean the old film manually, scan them into 4k digital format, and adjust the images, voices, colors, and resolutions. They can also remove the scratches.

The result is watching a classic movie like “Olivia” like it had just been filmed yesterday (in black and white, of course).

For a clue of what “Olivia” is all about, check out the trailer below:

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