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LGBTQ princesses and other LGBTQ royalty

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Princess Margaret - LGBTQ royalty

LGBTQ princesses and other LGBTQ royalty

Being part of the LGBTQ community, we’re always fascinated to hear about LGBTQ royalty who weren’t (or aren’t) allowed out of the royal closet.

Don’t we eat up anything about the Crown Prince William, the lovely Princess Kate, and Prince Harry? We’ve always been riveted by royalty, more so when the royalty has leanings that we have.

This is not surprising as monarchy has always been ripe with lesbian or bisexual princesses and other LGBTQ royalty.

LGBTQ royalty #1: Princess Margaret

Surprised that Princess Margaret is on this list? You shouldn’t be since the late sister of the Queen always had her heart on her sleeve with affairs with both men and women.

With the recent Netflix show The Crown showing the defiance of Princess Margaret by having an affair with a married man, there were also rumors that some of the princess’ lovers had been women.

This was also noted in her biography Margaret: The Last Real Princess, the British TV movie The Queen’s Sister, and the documentary Margaret: The Secret Princess.

LGBTQ royalty #2: Catherine the Great

The Russian empress, Catherine, was considered great because not only did she scare the wits of her enemies for being a tough leader (and a woman at that), she was also said to have a huge appetite for sex.

Catherine took on lovers of both sexes and enjoyed a good romp in the bed with them.

It makes us think that maybe it’s true that sex prolongs a person’s life as Catherine was one of the longest-lived rulers of Russia.

She was so hated by her enemies that even after her death, they spread rumors that she died while having sex with a horse.

Still, the Russian populace love their empress who had pushed the country towards progress.

LGBTQ royalty #3: Princess Dashkov

Princess Ekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova-Dashkova– or as she’s more known in English, Princess Dashkov– was a close friend of Catherine the Great.

Where Catherine the Great was more bisexual in nature, the princess was more inclined towards women. She took on prominent roles during the rule of her friend, which also drew the ire of a lot of men.

One foreign dignitary described her as “masculine in her taste, her gait, and her exploits.” She was also called “Princess Sappho” by contemporary Russian historian Mikhail Safonov.

One story goes that when the young Princess Dashkov met the Grand Duchess Catherine, married to the heir of the throne Tsarevich Peter III, it was love at first sight.

After their meeting, the Grand Duchess reportedly gave her a fan, which was a symbol of their love. The princess later ordered that the fan would be buried with her after her death.

LGBTQ royalty #4: Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew, brother of Prince Charles, and the eighth in the line to the throne.

She’s also considered a big headache for the current Queen because of her wild antics and partying ways.

While she’s nowhere close to the crown, she’s still fodder for tabloid news, especially when she had a five-year relationship with a waiter.

Most recently, she was seen hanging out at lesbian bars and having affairs with girls.

This might seem like celebrity dirt but we’re hoping the princess would be like Prince Harry and become an ally for LGBTQ in the future.

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