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LN goes ALL-DIGITAL with online magazine

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LN goes ALL-DIGITAL with online magazine


If you haven’t noticed by now, LN is rocking a brand new look with brand new reads—and it’s all part of the publication’s continuing efforts to go digital as the premier lesbian online magazine.

Going digital as an online magazine

online magazineFounded in 1975 in Southern California, LN is North America’s longest running lesbian publication, serving as the foremost voice for lesbians of all ages.

Reporting on the experience of lesbian art, music, literature, films, and history, Ella Matthes, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of LN said, “The editorial vision of the LN has always been to inform, entertain and be of service to women who love women of all ages, economic class, and color. We hope women from all walks of life will not only find something of themselves in the LN, but also be accepting of those with differing opinions.”

“With informative current articles and the truth about political matters which impact us, such as same-sex marriage, adoptions and discrimination in the workplace, no other magazine in the world is as targeted directly to the lesbian community or as much a leader in supporting lesbian issues as Lesbian News. We are, not only, a magazine published for and about lesbians, but also by lesbians,” Matthes said.

For years, it was published every month as an all-gloss colour print magazine before coming out with a digital format in March 2013. As part of their efforts to go green, LN printed their August 2014 issue and became an all-digital magazine. Now, they come out not only on Apple iPad Newsstand but also on Google Play and as a downloadable PDF format on the website.

A lesbian online magazine for the movement

new online magazineAlmost a year later, LN underwent the next step in its evolution as it not only continued with the release of its monthly issues but it now also has original online content. With its different site categories, LN readers will now have more options to choose and more content to read, both with its digital magazine and its new website content.

The new site design is now more streamlined and easy to navigate, with menus more accessible for site visitors.

What’s more, the site now has original online content featuring the latest news, commentary, trends, and issues for the reader’s viewing pleasure. These range from entertainment, lifestyle, wellness, celebrities & personalities, to relationships. However, readers’ favourites like past magazine interviews and the Femastrology are also still available on the site.

Readers can still access issues of the online magazine at the site’s newly-laid out shop—whether to download individual issues or to subscribe—for great features and interview.

More importantly, 40 years onward, the LN—as a lesbian online magazine—is still committed to making a contribution to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liberation movement.

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