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March 2018 Femastrology

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March Femastrology 2018

March 2018 Femastrology

03 March Femastrology - PiscesBy Victoria Bearden

Two Full Moons again! March begins with a Full moon at 11 degrees Virgo, 3/1/18, at 4:51 pm PST. The Pisces Sun aligns with the Neptune opposite the Virgo Moon, bringing in a powerful creative and healing energy. This is truly the place where “soul meets body.” Spend time during the Full Moon to soak up this strong spiritual elixir through yoga, meditation, prayer, body work, or ritual. Artists and intuitive types will love this vibe, as it is a direct doorway to higher inspiration. Your dreams and impressions are likely to be strong these first few days of the month. Pay attention to signs and symbols that jump out at you. The only drawback to the “Neptune Factor” is the tendency to space out. Make sure you stay grounded. Don’t let your imagination run wild if you are not sure of the facts. If you need to do something really logical around this time, check things very carefully. Things may not be what they seem.

The Sun in Pisces asks us these questions: What do you really believe in? How can you pay it forward, and give back to your family, friends, and community? What is your vision for 2018, and what steps will you take to realize this dream? Are you open to more Love and Romance in your life? What old patterns are you willing to release in anticipation of Spring? Pisces is the last of the 12 zodiac signs, and represents endings, and new beginnings. It is the sum total of all karmic lessons; the alpha and the omega. It’s time to tune in to your deep inner wisdom. Seek out events and experiences that will shine light on your “non-worldly” needs. Go to a meditation or prayer group. An art exhibit or live music may fit the bill. Take a day simply wander and go on a mini-walkabout. Sign up for a creative class or workshop. Seek out all things healing and restorative for both mind and body.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, goes retrograde on 3/8/18, in the sign of Scorpio. It won’t go direct again until July. Jupiter is always good juju, even when it’s retrograde, but it can slow things down a little. But hey, sometimes slow is good! Scorpio helps us to uncover deep truth, and this retrograde cycle may bring in new information about things you’ve been unclear about. This is a good time to do research and detective work.

There’s a New Moon at 26 degrees Pisces on St. Patrick’s Day, 3/17/18. This represents yet another chance to access healing, compassion, and creativity. New Moons favor quiet and reflective activities. It’s a good time to create some affirmations and intentions.

Mercury will turn Retrograde at 16° Aries on Wednesday, 3/22/18 at 5:19 pm PST. We will begin to feel “under the influence” as early as 3/8/18. It’s time for extra patience and thoroughness in all important matters. Check and double check appointments, plans and travel itineraries. Back up data and get make sure vehicles are working properly. Avoid signing contracts or making major purchases. Don’t buy anything you can’t take back and save those receipts! Elective surgeries will be best delayed later in April. Communication will be far more of a challenge than usual, so don’t assume anything and watch what you say. Since it’s Aries, people may tend to take offense more easily, so try to be the calming influence. Many important lessons from the past will come to light, and people from the past will surface. Mercury Retrograde can actually help us solve past problems and release unwanted attachments! See, it is good for something!

Here is the Mercury Retrograde Timeline:

1. March 8-17: The First Mercury Retro “Shadow” began to creep in late July, foreshadowing things to come. This is sort of like Mercury Retrograde “light” but definitely noticeable if you are watching. Tie up loose ends and get things in order.

2. March 18-28: The First Mercury Retrograde “Storm.” This is when things really start slipping sideways, leading up to and including the actual day Mercury “stations” and beings the retrograde motion. Since it’s Aries, new ventures may require multiple attempts. Impatience will cost you, so slow down!

3. March 22, 2018: Mercury Retrograde 16° Aries: If you know your astrology chart, take a look to see what house Mercury will transit. It will give you hints about what to troubleshoot. This would be a good day to stick to a normal, low key routine.

4. April 11-18: The Second Mercury Retrograde “Storm.” This is when things get wacky and chaotic again, leading up to and including the day Mercury goes direct. But at least we’re heading out of the woods!

5. April 14, 2018: Mercury Direct at 4° Aries. Hallelujah! Remember, it takes a little while to catch up with itself, so pace yourself. The energy will be potent and a little unpredictable today.

6. April 19-May 1: The Second Mercury Retrograde Shadow. This is a milder form of the energy, so not to worry too much. Time to play catch up and fix and nagging issues that might still need resolution.

There’s a second Full Moon at 10 degrees Aries on 3/31/18. This one is intense, with Mercury Retrograde in the mix, and a frustrating T-square to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. We will all need to learn some lessons about patience and humility. Tensions in relationships may flare, so be very conscious about what you want to say. This is a touchy one, so take the high road whenever possible.

Opportunity Days: March 2, 5, 6, 14, 16, 19, and 27

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