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March Femastrology 2019

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March 2019 Pisces

March Femastrology 2019

By Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

March 2019 will be eventful, inspiring, unruly, and profound. Things will definitely be in flux! The Sun in watery Pisces will help us access spirituality, deep emotion, and creativity. Important truths will surface about unresolved issues from 2018. The call for compassion and assistance will be heard loud and clear from many parts of the world. And collectively, we will begin a new 7-year cycle. March is not going to be boring!

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn get much closer this month, and the major lessons for humanity just keep on coming. In a nutshell, the main themes are power, the abuse of power, and accountability. These two planets are lining up with other critically important astrological factors. The stakes are high, and this is truly a time of unprecedented civilizational change. Many people who have been hiding behind their money, fame, and position will likely fall from grace as 2019 unfolds. It’s going to be a wild ride. But the future is not set in stone. Your positive attitudes and actions can make all the difference in the world…literally. On the personal level, it’s time to face the reality of your life and do what needs to be done. Under Capricorn, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Get clear about your goals and start applying yourself.

Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and technology, is going into its first retrograde cycle of 2019. Mercury will turn retrograde on March 5, 2019 at 29° Pisces and then turn direct on March 28. With a New Moon in Pisces on March 6, and Uranus going into Taurus on March 7, you can expect many eye-opening experiences and realizations. Things will be swirling, so put a note on your calendar to stay extra grounded. It’s a good idea to check and double check all of your appointments and obligations during these big planetary shifts.

With Mercury Retrograde, travel, contracts, and major purchases can be tricky. The best advice is: don’t do anything you can’t undo later. It’s usually not the best time to start new projects or launch business ventures. It’s more of a review session. If you can opt out of major decision-making until April, that would be better. But don’t freak out. Not every Mercury Retrograde will be difficult. Often, there are positive and unexpected connections with people from the past. It’s a great time to research analyze. And sometimes problems you’ve been working on for a while finally get solved. Don’t avoid doing what you need to do. Just be more conscious about it. Mercury Retrograde is not an excuse to hide or procrastinate. And if things go a little wonky, just be patient and methodical and you’ll get through it.

Here’s the run down on this Mercury Retrograde Cycle:
1. Mercury Retrograde Shadow #1 started on February 16, 2019. Not strong, but noticeable.
2. Mercury Retrograde is official on March 5, 2019. Now it’s for real.
3. Mercury Retrograde Storm #1 runs from March 3 thru 8, 2019. This can be challenging.
4. Mercury goes Direct on March 28, 2019. Way better, but still somewhat unpredictable.
5. Mercury Retrograde Storm #2 runs from March 24 thru April 1, 2019. Still a bit intense.
6. Mercury Retrograde Shadow #2 runs from April 2 thru April 16, 2019. This is just the clean-up phase. No worries.

There’s a New Moon at 15° Pisces on March 6, 2019, an auspicious day to set intentions. New Moons are like a blank slate; a chance to reset the program for the month. The energy will be greatly amplified by the Sun and Moon’s proximity to Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. Psychic, spiritual, and creative energy will be very high, so tune in. Make a point to keep your wits about you, too. People will be a bit spacey. With the New Moon so close to Mercury Retrograde, you might want to create affirmations about healing and releasing issues from the past so you can open up to new possibilities.

Uranus goes into Taurus on March 7, 2019. We will be challenged to integrate our values with our material reality, both personally, and globally. Uranus is the planet of change and revolution. Ready or not, it’s time to discard old, worn out patterns. Taurus is related to money, resources, and security. This is a beginning of a significant new cycle that will play out over the next 7 years, and will influence the global economy. Expect the unexpected and embrace new solutions to old problems.

There’s a Full Moon at 0° Libra on March 20, 2019. It is also Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Fire Sign Aries. This should be an incredible day for artistic and spiritual activities. The Aries/Libra polarity can help us see how individuality and relatedness can co-exist and flourish. This is the start of a brand-new seasonal cycle, so set some meaningful intentions and affirmations to get the ball rolling. The Spring cycle is about fertility and abundance, so open up to receive!

Opportunity Days: March 11, 16, 20, 22, 29, and 30

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