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A music revolution with the sisters Tegan and Sara

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Sisters Tegan and Sara

A music revolution with the sisters Tegan and Sara

Sisters Tegan and SaraWho here doesn’t know of the sisters Tegan and Sara? It speaks a lot of how far lesbians have gone in society when we have twin sisters who are lesbians rocking the music world.

Moreover, it would seem the former indie rockers turned full-time pop stars cannot do anything wrong with their fan base– both LGBT and straight.

Welcome to the music revolution that is Tegan and Sara!

The sisters Tegan and Sara: Canada-born and -bred

Tegan Rain and Sara Keirsten were born on September 19, 1980 in Calgary, Canada. Although identical twins, you could tell the two apart: Sara has a heart-shaped face while Tegan has a scar from piercing.

When they were 15 years old, they first formed their group in 1995. Both played guitars and wrote songs while using their school recording studio to come up with two demo albums.

In 1997, they were able to produce a full album called Under Feet Like Ours under the name Sara and Tegan. They later changed it to Tegan and Sara because they figured it had more impact.

The two signed up with Neil Young’s Vapor label in 2000. This was the start of their professional career with extensive tours even as they started releasing albums one after the other.

The sisters Tegan and Sara break into mainstream

Their sixth album Sainthood was released in 2007 and shot up to number 21 in the Billboard 200 upon its debut.

It sold 24,000 copies on its first week and would mark both the maturity of the sisters and the widening of their audience.

Spin Magazine gave the album 4 out of 5 stars and said, “Its strength remains in how much it feels like two people talking.”

The twins moved from guitars to synthesizers. They knew this was a different style for them, but their fans loved it.

By 2008, they were nominated for an Oscar for their song “Everything is Awesome,” which was included in The Lego Movie.

The sisters Tegan and Sara: LGBT activists

Throughout it all, both Tegan and Sara have always been forthcoming about their lesbianism. Moreover, using their celebrity status, they have been outspoken about issues that concern same-sex relationships.

To show their support of same-sex marriage, they came up with an ice cream sandwich together with Coolhaus: a double chocolate cookie and salted caramel they called “Till Death Do Us Part.”

In 2014, they were cited in the GLAAD Media Awards in the Outstanding Music Artist category. There, they managed to beat veterans like Elton John and Lady Gaga.

Recently, the duo came out with a music video that celebrated the LGBT community, “Faint of Heart.”

“What we were doing felt revolutionary. And now it feels par to the course,” Sara told Buzzfeed.

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