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Must-have non-boring Valentine’s Day gifts

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Union Valentine's Day gifts

Must-have non-boring Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner with February rolling around. That’s why LesbianNews is posting this guest article from Mona Elyafi on these great Valentine’s Day gifts for couples to celebrate the Month of Hearts in a spectacularly special way.

This article will also come out in our February issue so watch out for it! In the meantime, here’s Mona with her report:

Memorable Valentine’s Day gifts from WetForHer

Want to make this Valentine’s Day one of the most memorable ever?

French designer Alice DeRock has created a new fashion sexy toy called The Union, which is a MUST-HAVE!

The Union is a brand new cutting-edge product, 100 percent silicone- and phthalate-free, a high-end designed product that responds to the needs of women. With a useful, elegant and chic French sense of style, it is uniquely creative.

This harness-free fun sex toy is bendable both sides with a clitoris stimulator. It includes a playful unique 3-speed rechargeable bullet for good vibrations!

Likewise, the easy-to-use bendable function enables one to adjust the toy’s angle to reach the pleasure point effortlessly, endlessly.

Last but not least, the sexy curving lines of The Union are conceptualized to naturally reach together the position desired for intense and mutual pleasure.

It’s all about bringing out that hot feminine edge. And that exceptional ability to climax simultaneously as lovers makes this product a MUST-HAVE!

The Union is made by lesbians for lesbians, and most of all, from one woman to all women.

“Rules were made to be broken so break out of your comfort zone and ditch the good girl behavior to make your partner wish V-Day happened every day,” says Alice DeRock.

Imagine how you could spend your V-Day?(no pun intended!)

Valentine’s Day gifts for the kinky set

WFH Sexy Time Box Valentine's Day gifts
For the playful ones who want to further explore their kinky side, there is also: the WFH Sexy Time Box

For Valentine’s Day, try new adventures and have fun with the Sexy Time box by WetForHer. The set includes the Lesbian Sex Kamasutra card game to unleash your fantasy or increase your libido.

WetForHer also added products to enhance the game with the best lubricant called Uberlube in a travel size.

For example, it has the Sex Bomb balm clitoris arousal with a kissable formula that creates a tingling, invigorating sensation that heightens sensitivity for more enjoyment and an extra-arousing, tingling lip- and nipple-pleaser for women. It’s also flavored for kissable fun and foreplay.

So forget about the boring hand lotion, mushy cards, flowers or yet another scented candle this February 14 and give Valentine’s Day gifts that keeps on giving and giving…

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