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The mystery and the music of FHB

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The mystery and the music of FHB

In today’s music where everyone seems to have a gimmick to attract your interest, you’d think being anonymous is old news. However, unlike other artists, nobody still knows the true identity (or identities) of FHB.

So who is FHB that’s got everyone talking? Is it a single person or a group? Nobody knows, but the music is certainly making an impression in the music world and with the public.

And while every celebrity has claimed that their name is a brand, their/her same declaration is actually appropriate sans the real identity.

Here’s some info about the mysterious FHB and the hip-hop/R&B/soul music he/she/they make:

FHB: It’s female empowerment

She/they admitted that female empowerment is one of the important foundations of the brand, showing up as a central theme in the song, “Regular.”

While nameless and faceless, she/they demand respect by asking listeners to hear the music (and watch the music video) for what it is regardless of age, sex, or appearance.

Likewise, the song, “Beyonce,” talks about women as objects or being an easy catch.

In an interview with All Access, FHB said: “Woman today often are looked at as objects or an easy catch. This song represents taking the time to get to know someone and working for the payday still being cool and harmonic.”

FHB: Why the mystery

In that same interview, she/they said there’s a reason behind being nameless and faceless: “In time, the meaning behind FHB will be revealed and it will be worth the wait.”

“Leading with the music, people will be forced to LISTEN to the music and creatively form an opinion purely on the art,” she/they added.

In another interview with AXS, she/they said: “The whole concept behind masking the identity is it’s not just about one person or several people, it’s about the music and the art.”

“By masking my identity, I’m able to allow the audience to just listen to the music and let them form their own opinions without having any of those outside factors that really don’t matter anyway. What’s important is the music and the art, that’s what I want people to focus on,” she/they said.

FHB: Singing at The Dinah

If all of these hints and teases are making you curious about FHB, you can check them out in the video below.

If you’re still curious, why not look up FHB in this month’s latest issue of Lesbian News?

You can also head on down to Palm Springs for The Dinah Shore Weekend as FHB is one of the headliners of the event.

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