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The Netherlands led the way by holding the world's first legal same-sex marriage. Now they're celebrating this milestone in LGBTQ global rights.

A wedding party for two women was raided by police in Ghana, leading to the arrest of 22 people, amidst growing hostility against the LGBTQ community.

The European Parliament is favoring a resolution that will declare the entire 27-member European Union as a "LGBT freedom zone."

Clément Beaune, the gay French Minister for European Affairs, has been denied entry to Poland's controversial "LGBT-free zones" during an official visit.

A UN special rapporteur on human rights expressed concern in a report that said LGBT children in Iran are being subjected to torture and cruel treatment.

ILGA-Europe has warned in their annual report that homophobic and hate speech by European politicians against the LGBT community is on the rise.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked LGBT students for protesting while glorifying the youth wing of his conservative party.

Three Polish LGBT activists are facing trial in the city of Plock in Poland after protesting against the Catholic Church.

The EU Commission wants to provide more protection for LGBTQ people in the wake of growing anti-LGBTQ sentiment in Europe.

France has revealed a wide-ranging national plan to fight LGBT discrimination in the country through inclusive education.