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November Femastrology 2018

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November Femastrology 2018

By Astrologer and Psychic Victoria Bearden

Jupiter goes into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. Yay! Lady Luck will be smiling. Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruling planet, so there is extra benefit when this transit occurs. This is favorable for travel, education, business, and legal matters. It’s a shot in the arm, a green light, and a call to action. Jupiter in Sagittarius will help those whose motivation has been flagging. This energy will be available for the rest of this year and a good deal of 2019, so get ready to get your groove on! If you are a Sagittarius, you’re going to love this, but everyone else will, too.

The only downside of Jupiter in Sagittarius comes from excessive behaviors. This can include over-eating, over-indulging, over-spending, over-shooting, and over-doing. Sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing. Curb your enthusiasm a bit, and you will be able to avoid the potential pitfalls of this influence. Since Jupiter has to do with our beliefs, its journey through Sagittarius can spark extremism in the name of a religion, a cause or a political ideology. In the current political climate, this could heat up many situations that are already near the boiling point.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and prosperity, is going direct on November 16, 2018. Hooray! Venus Retrograde in Scorpio has been stirring up deep and somewhat troubling feelings about both love and money since early October. Many things that have run amuck over the past weeks will likely begin to turn around by mid-month when Venus gets back to her old self again. But Venus is still retrograde for half the month, which can be very challenging for intimate relationships. You may want to avoid making any long-term decisions regarding matters of the heart, one way of the other, for a few weeks. Emotional issues may have gotten pretty tangled since October, so anything you can do that creates peace and understanding will be important. All of the aforementioned also pertains to financial matters.

Mercury, the planet that presides over communication, travel, and technology, is going into its last Retrograde cycle of 2018. Mercury will turn retrograde on November 16, 2018 at 13° Sagittarius, head back into Scorpio briefly, and then turn direct on December 6, 2018. The middle of November will be particularly confusing, since Mercury goes retrograde on the very same day Venus goes direct. Expect some seriously mixed messages right around that time!

With Mercury Retrograde it’s best to put off signing contracts, making major purchases, or extensive travel plans. If you can opt out of major decision making until late December, that would be better. If not, the key is patience, persistence, and preparation. When in doubt, check, double-check, and then check again. Some things will fall through the cracks anyway, but you can certainly minimize this by being grounded and somewhat hyper-vigilant. During Mercury retrograde you will learn things about the past, and people from the past often show up, too.

Here’s the run down on this Mercury Retrograde Cycle:

1. Mercury Retrograde Shadow #1 started on October 29, 2018…that’s when it started creeping in.
2. Mercury Retrograde is official on November 16, 2018. Now it’s for real.
3. Mercury Retrograde Storm #1 runs from November 13-19, 2018. This is when it is most intense.
4. Mercury goes Direct on December 6, 2018. This is good, but still highly unpredictable.
5. Mercury Retrograde Storm #2 runs from December 4-10, 2018. It’s intense again, but about to go the right direction.
6. Mercury Retrograde Shadow #2 runs from December 11-24, 2018. It’s pretty much over, but still has a little bit of sway. We should have clear sailing for the Winter Holidays!

There’s a New Moon at 15° Scorpio on November 7, 2018, a favorable day to set intentions for the next month. Scorpio energy enhances insight and intuition. This is a good day for spirit communication and connecting to your guides and angels.

There’s a Full Moon at 0° Gemini on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018, as the Sun goes into Fire Sign Sagittarius. This should be a day of inspiration. The Full Moon in lively Gemini enhances social gatherings and communication, but could stir up strong feelings and opinions. So consciously avoid Thanksgiving arguments and just eat, give thanks, and be merry.

Opportunity Days: November 7, 9, 10, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29

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