250,000 gay couples married in America in the first decade of marriage equality

Alison Bechdel Awarded MacArthur Fellowship: 'Fun Home' Creator One Of 21 New Fellows

ICYMI, k.d. lang Featured on Canada Post Stamp

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Watch 6th Circuit For SCOTUS' Next Move On Gay Marriage

This Tax Season: Total Chaos for Same-Sex Couples

Married Same-Sex Couples Filing Taxes, 2014

2014 will be the first time any married gay couple has ever filed federal taxes together in the United States. It’s been a decade since Massachusetts became the first state to start granting marriage licenses, and some states have previously accepted joint returns for state taxes. But until the Supreme Court struck down the federal…

Anti-Gay Marriage Mozilla CEO Resigns After Backlash


Brendan Eich, the newly named CEO of the software firm Mozilla Corporation, resigned from the post after sparking ire among gay rights activists and supportive members of the tech industry for his opposition to same-sex marriage. Since being appointed to run the company most famous for the Firefox browser last week, many, including two former Mozilla…

World’s First Lesbian-Only Cemetery Opening In Germany

Lesbian Only Cemetery

A new burial area reserved for lesbians is opening this weekend in Berlin. Basically, a 400-square-meter section of the existing Lutheran Georgen Parochial cemetery will be set aside for gay women, with space for up to 80, the Associated Press reports. The Safia association, a national group primarily for elderly lesbians, said it created this space…

April 2014 Femastrology


The month starts off with a bang, as the Sun in Aries lines up with unpredictable Uranus on April 2. This is rather explosive energy, so we might see some earthquake action or aggressive activities in the news. So, for the first week of this month, the element of “chance” is very high. Keep that…

April 2014 Issue

Mariah Hanson

This month… The Diva behind The Dinah – 24 years with Mariah Hanson; Antigone Rising …and clearly rising to the top. The Fab Four has never been more primed to take the globe by storm; Meet the Women of the Santa Barbara Wineries; A look at Lesbians and the Female “Fertility Clock”; Lesbians on Location…

Trans 100 List Honors Transgender Visibility


The second annual Trans 100 List, which honors transgender trailblazers, was unveiled today.  The Trans 100 intends to shift the coverage of trans issues by focusing on the positive work being accomplished and providing visibility to those typically underrepresented. An event celebrating the honorees was held Sunday evening in Chicago and brought together advocates from across the…