It's All Female Leaders in the World Cup

Gay rights groups withdraw support of ENDA after Hobby Lobby decision

Children of same-sex couples healthier, says Australian study

July 2014 Femastrology

July 2014 Femastrology

The month begins with Mercury going direct (yippee) on July 1, 2014. Issues connected to communication, travel, computers, home remodels,…

Tegan and Sara: We choose to be visible to inspire others

It Got Better Featuring Tegan and Sara   LStudio Presents   YouTube

Lesbian twin pop duo Tegan and Sara have opened up about their childhood, in a video for the It Got Better campaign. The identical twins, from Calgary, Canada, have been writing music since age 15, and are vocal LGBT activists. Sara said: “I can remember the transition from gender and being different, to knowing there…

White House declares June LGBT Pride Month

June - LGBT Pride Month

LGBT rights just got another big push from the president himself. The White House on Friday issued a proclamation by President Barack Obama calling on Americans to eliminate prejudice “everywhere it exists,” declaring June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. “As progress spreads from State to State, as justice is delivered in the courtroom, and as…

The Week Republicans Stopped Fighting Marriage Equality

Sen. Orrin Hatch Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

NEW YORK CITY — While Republicans aren’t likely to join the fight for marriage equality en masse, the past week has shown that a growing core of the party is done fighting. Since Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett announced last Thursday that he would not be appealing a ruling striking down his state’s ban on same-sex couples’ marriages,…

Marriage Equality Begins in the Land of Lincoln


Today, loving, committed same-sex couples all across Illinois are able to legally wed. Several county clerks will offer special hours today for couples to obtain their marriage licenses. Governor Pat Quinn signed marriage equality into law in November, making Illinois at the time the seventeenth state to provide for same-sex couples to marry. The marriage equality landscape is…

Maya Angelou, Lyrical Witness of the Jim Crow South, Dies at 86

Maya Angelou in 2008. Credit Tim Sloan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Maya Angelou, the memoirist and poet whose landmark book of 1969, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” — which describes in lyrical, unsparing prose her childhood in the Jim Crow South — was among the first autobiographies by a 20th-century black woman to reach a wide general readership, died on Wednesday in her home.…

June 2014 Femastrology


Batten down the hatches, shore up your tech equipment, and get ready for things to spin sideways!  Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is coming in for a landing!  It happens on June 7 but you’ll already be seeing it in action by June 1. And it’s in effect for the whole month. What’s it all about?…