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Relationship red flags: 5 signs she’s definitely not the one

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relationship red flags_the one

Relationship red flags: 5 signs she’s definitely not the one

relationship red flags_the one
In this age of hyper speed and one-night stands, we are so eager to fall in love the one person who we think will complete our world. We take one moment of chemistry and confuse it with the greatest love of our life.

But more often than not, this turns out to be a temporary feeling. When the veil of truth is lifted from our eyes, we realize she’s not the one. She wasn’t even close to being it.

What are the definite signs this relationship isn’t for keeps?

You start wondering if she’s the one

Always trust your instinct. When you start having doubts if she’s the woman for you, this is your subconscious telling you there’s something wrong with the relationship.

Of course, not all relationships are perfect but when you, yourself, have lost conviction in it, then you know it’s going down.

A deal-breaker with the one

One reason you’ve lost faith in the relationship is because she’s broken that one thing you can’t take.

There are mistakes in a relationship that you can still overlook. But there are situations where you just say: “That does it. We are so over.”

It could be infidelity, lying, being neglected again and again, or some other thing.

Insulting jokes vs. the one

There was a time she was the funniest person you know. But when you start to feel being insulted by her jokes– even by the things she say– then you better start looking at your relationship closely.

If it’s not as fun nor as loving as it used to be and if she begins to put you down, better start thinking that things are not okay.

The one’s exes keep haunting you

It’s never healthy in a relationship to talk about exes. Past relationships conjure a sense of competition in your present relationship. It shouldn’t be: exes are history, not competitors.

However, it’s just not plain right when she keeps bringing up her ex or exes into conversations.

There are obvious reasons for this. One is that she’s not over the former girlfriend she keep bringing up. Two is that she wants you to be a little like them.

Either way, ex-girlfriends have no place in your relationship.

The one blowing hot and cold

This one’s not just a myth as you’ll meet lovers who are like that. One minute she’s so into you. The next minute it’s like you’re forcing yourself into her world.

What this usually mean is she’s not sure about you.

So think deeply. Is she the one?

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