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Straight girls and lesbian best friends: The lesbian bestie

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Lesbian bestie

Straight girls and lesbian best friends: The lesbian bestie

Who here has heard of the term ‘lesbian bestie’? Is there such a thing as lesbian best friends for straight girls? Could a straight girl and a lesbian actually form a platonic relationship?

Obviously, we’ve heard all the issues and opinions straight women have about lesbians. One is that they’re afraid of us because we might fall for them. Another is that having us for a friend is almost the same as having a male friend.

Apparently, though, having a lesbian best friend is becoming a thing for the millennial crowd. For one, they’ve already coined a term for it: the lesbian bestie.

Likewise, one of our top movies for 2016, Almost Adults, was primarily about two best friends– one a lesbian and one a straight girl– and it wasn’t a love story.

So, yes, it’s now apparently a thing. (Or maybe we’re just old? – Editor)

Lesbian bestie: Coming into our own person

Before we react violently and shoot down that millennial term as if we’re a social accessory (like a handbag or a mobile phone), remember those days when we could barely sit close to a straight girl?

We always felt uncomfortable that these girls might think we’re hitting on them if our skin touches theirs.

We’ve always been careful in revealing our true sexuality because we don’t want them to think there are romantic or sexual undertones in our actions.

In becoming a lesbian bestie, we feel we’ve come a long way since those days. By being best friends with a straight girl, we’re just regular people now.

Lesbian bestie: Understanding the phenomenon

How did this idea of a lesbian bestie come about? We’ve always accepted that straight girls and gays are the ones who clicked well. A term was also coined for this: GBF or the gay best friend.

This term, was validated by the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, when gay best friend Rupert Everett always saved the day for wedding wrecker Julia Roberts.

Gays and straight girls supposedly could go shopping, watch chick flicks, and talk about makeup all night. But now with this lesbian bestie idea, straight girls can now find lesbians reliable as friends. Plus, there’s that platonic attraction going on.

“The heterosexual girls, who usually hate men far more than we do, love lesbians when they are going through a crappy time with a male partner,” Julie Bindel wrote for The Guardian.

“They know they can talk about what absolute bastards men can be and find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on,” Bindel added.

More importantly, a lesbian best friend– as the straight girls are discovering– are much more critically honest.

Their BFFs can tell straight girls they’ll look good in a dress. Lesbians, who can appreciate female beauty, can be more reliable in telling them the truth– even if it hurts.

So kudos to us who went from being despised for our sexuality to being appreciated for it. We’ve come a long way.

What do you think of this idea? Sound off in the comment section below!

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