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The subtle lesbian art of picking up girls

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The subtle lesbian art of picking up girls

Despite what the title of this article may say, the first rule when you’re trying to score a date is this: lesbians aren’t really into picking up girls.

Instead we establish a connection with a girl we like, and we let it flow from there.

That being said, there’s a subtle art to “establishing a connection with a girl.” Here are a few tips on this:

Picking up girls tip #1: Flirt, Downton Abbey-style

By this we mean don’t make it too obvious. Don’t come up to a girl and tell her how you couldn’t take your eyes off her.

Instead, flirt with her in a way nobody else but her knows you’re flirting.

Don’t take your eyes off her. Laugh at all her jokes. Listen intently to what she’s saying, and follow it up with a question. That way she knows you’re really listening.

Picking up girls tip #2: Don’t Barney-up by having a wingman

When you’re trying to score a date, don’t bring a friend with you, especially if this is a lesbian bar.

Barney (yes, not exactly the best example) from How I Met Your Mother can afford to have a wingman, but not a lesbian.

When you have a wingwoman, that woman would appear to others as your girlfriend. So do it solo. You’d be surprised how easier it is to talk to girls when you’re alone.

Picking up girls tip #3: Looking back

Picking up lesbians tip #4: Physical touch

Create an intimate connection with her with simple physical touches.

Touching her arm when you laugh at something she said or you want to say something draws you closer to her.

Resting your arm on her shoulders in a very tender way establishes a positive feeling between the two of you.

Lastly, when you pick up a girl, know your intentions. Is she long-term? Do you just want a one night stand? Do you want it chill and get to know her better?

Know what you want. Don’t just pick up girls.

So, what about you? What are your thoughts or tips on “picking up girls”?

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