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Taking care of your pets with the SNIP Bus

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Snip Bus

Taking care of your pets with the SNIP Bus

Residents of Coachella Valley in Southern California can now have their pets taken care off with the SNIP Bus, a mobile, low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

This bus currently has ‘snipped’ over 5,000 animals since it was created, roving the valley with a highly-trained veterinary team.

More importantly, the concept of the mobile clinic will help bring an end to the killing of Coachella Valley’s unwanted animals.

SNIP Bus: Helping with your pets

Melanie Scherer of La Quinta came up with idea of the SNIP Bus– or the Spay Neuter Imperative Project– in June 2016 with the aid of local organizations like the Animal Action League and Luke’s Legacy Foundation.

“We are working tirelessly to stop the reproduction of unwanted animals by making low-cost spay/neuter services widely accessible,” Scherer said.

“We could not have ‘snipped’ over 5,000 dogs/cats without the support of our local animal network and generous donors who are helping to create a ‘no-kill Coachella Valley’,” she said.

The SNIP bus offers the following services for your pets: $25 for spaying and neutering services, $11 for vaccinations, and $15 for putting in of microchips by a highly trained veterinary team.

SNIP Bus: Working to save animals

Likewise, the SNIP Bus pushes for animal fostering and rescues, and works with the Bianca Rae Foundation and the Palm Springs Animal Shelter to organize Clear Our Shelters adoption events.

To bring awareness to the public of the work they’re doing, the SNIP Bus launched a “SNIP Reality Series” in June 2017.

Moreover, they’re reaching out through their SNIP Expansion Network via their partner vets developing low-cost spay/ neuter clinics throughout Southern California.

Their ultimate goal is to actively prevent suffering and death of unwanted animals due to overpopulation.

SNIP Bus for No Kill Coachella Valley

The SNIP Bus is part of a group of animal advocates pushing for a ‘no-kill Coachella Valley’ by the year 2022.

This is ending the practice of euthanizing healthy or treatable animals in the region’s shelters.

The group is is led by the county-operated Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms and the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, both of which have policies against euthanasia due to the lack of available shelter space.

“The Coachella Valley has a healthy and active community of animal rescues and compassionate animal lovers and we are pleased to have an opportunity to help lead this initiative,” said Riverside County Animal Services (RCDAS) Director Rob Miller.

Tamara Hedges, vice president of the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, also lauded the initiative, noting that shelter officials aere “thrilled to be partnering and collaborating with RCDAS.”


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