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The colourful lesbian lives of Asian cinema

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The Colourful Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema

The colourful lesbian lives of Asian cinema

The Colourful Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema
For the longest time, Hollywood defined lesbian roles for us by defining what lesbians are on the silver screen. But spin the globe around to the East and there’s a whole colorful world of lesbian films on the other side of the world, specifically on Asian Cinema.

Lesbian movies are thriving on Asian Cinema, though the subject matters are more quirky and unconventional.

Here are five examples of celluloid lesbian lives on Asian Cinema:

Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema - Spider Lilies (Taiwan)

Spider Lilies (Taiwan)
Recipient of the Teddy Award in the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, it features a webcam performer, a tattoo artist and a spider lily tattoo with a past. Jade decides that a tattoo would make her sexier on webcam. She goes to Takedo who turns out to be the girl she was in love with as a kid, owing to the tattoo. Wanting the same kind of design, Takedo warns her that the spider lily is cursed. Critics had called it breath-taking and intriguing, a story of love and memory.

Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema - Rome and Juliet (Philippines)

Rome and Juliet (Philippines)
This 2006 indie film from the very Catholic Philippines tackles the attraction of two straight women for each other. During a meet cute at a church, Rome and Juliet develop a fast friendship and, eventually, a romance. The thing is, Juliet is engaged to be married and both her and her fiancé’s family are scandalized when the affair is discovered.

Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema - Yes or No (Thailand)

Yes or No (Thailand)
Pie is the ultimate homophobic. Not only does she traditionally look down on homosexuals, but her best friend was dumped by a lesbian. Then she meets her new butch college roommate. Pie avoids her at all cost, even creating a demarcation line in the room. But the heart wants what it wants and they soon fall in love.

Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema - Topless (Japan)

Topless (Japan)
Despite the title, there is barely any nudity in this contemporary Japanese movie. It’s really a sweet film about a lesbian who just wants to love and be loved. After breaking up with her girlfriend who then gets engaged to a man, Natsuko goes on a string short-lived affairs to forget her. What makes the film memorable are the eccentric characters that surround her.

Lesbian Lives of Asian Cinema - Bizarre Love Triangle (Korea)

Bizarre Love Triangle (Korea)
This movie is bizarre and definitely has a love triangle, i.e. a spoiled married woman having an affair with her best friend. It’s also set in the future on the moon, with the movie told in flashbacks. But don’t worry, it’s a comedy so everything works out.

So the next time you want to watch a lesbian movie, why not try Asian Cinema? You’ll definitely get your fill.

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