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The Human Project: when lesbians and straight men kiss

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The Human Project experiment

The Human Project: when lesbians and straight men kiss

The Human Project experiment
“You must remember this/ a kiss is still a kiss,” or so the song goes. If The Human Project is to believed, they wanted to know what happens when a lesbian kisses a straight guy.

Maybe they were wondering if straight men could turn lesbians around like what Ben Affleck’s character Holden did with Joey Lauren Adam’s Alyssa in Chasing Amy? (Cue groans)

A little experiment by the Human Project

Working with Jumpcut Studio, The Human Project took a camera to lesbians kissing straight guys to see how they would react and to see if sparks would fly– and then posted the results on YouTube.

The hypothetical question was: do lesbians secretly enjoy kissing men?

Based on the video, the pre-kiss situation might give a Chasing Amy vibe, i.e. they would fall in love with the Ben Affleck character they’re kissing.


The truth of the matter was that most of the participating lesbians found the kiss awkward. They found it hairy. They found the men’s lips were harder and rougher than usual.

Some were polite enough to compliment the guy they were kissing for their looks. But that’s pretty much it.

The verdict on The Human Project experiment

As one lesbian noted, they’re are not blind to aesthetic beauty. But in the end, we still prefer the softer of the sexes. And there’s the rub.

As we wrote previously, lesbians are not man-haters. And it did seem like a fun experiment for all parties, including the lesbian and straight men participants, as well as the people behind The Human Project experiment.

This is because the video is still a make-out session: in any corner of the world, the two people on the screen are two strangers kissing.

But as much as the men bring out their sexiest, killer lips into the game, lesbian hearts want what they want– and these lesbians still want female lips.

The Human Project with gays and straight women

To prove our point, the Human Project ran the same experiment– but this time with gays and straight women.

Though women can enjoy both sexes because of sexual fluidity, gays kissing women are in fact more awkward. There is absolutely no chemistry between them.

So the next time somebody wonders out loud whether lesbians are just confused or waiting for the right guy, you now have proof: show them the video below by The Human Project. That’ll shut them up.

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