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Why the Log Cabin Republican endorsement of Trump for 2020 is crazy

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Log Cabin Republican endorsement

Why the Log Cabin Republican endorsement of Trump for 2020 is crazy

The Log Cabin Republican endorsement of President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020 says something about members of the LGBTQ community who still believe in him.

From actions undercutting LGBTQ rights in the name of “religious freedom” to a transgender ban in the military, the Trump administration’s anti-LGBTQ track record is quite obvious, after all.

Log Cabin Republican endorsement: Irrelevant, unnecessary

The Log Cabin Republicans had their endorsement published in an op-ed in The Washington Post, written by Robert Kabel and Jill Homan, the group’s chairman and vice chairwoman, respectively.

Jeff Taylor of NewNowNext pointed out that the Log Cabin Republicans are now pushing themselves to “become even more irrelevant and unnecessary” with this endorsement.

Taylor noted that the group had wrongly claimed that Trump had kept his commitments to the LGBTQ community and had also ignored the ways he has undermined LGBTQ rights since taking office.

Likewise, he pointed out that Trump has not actually acted on pushing for the global decriminalization of homosexuality despite promising that his administration would do so.

“In 2016, the Log Cabin Republicans chose not to endorse Trump, with then-President Gregory T. Angelo saying the board felt it couldn’t trust him,” Taylor said.

“Now, with the advantage of proof it was right to doubt him, the Log Cabin Republicans have decided to undo what respect they earned by withholding their endorsement, showing their true allegiance is not to LGBTQ people but to the Republican Party,” he added.

Log Cabin Republican endorsement: Ignored, Unacknowledged

Ironically, a full day had passed without Trump nor his campaign acknowledging the Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement– despite the president’s fondness of being on Twitter.

According to the Washington Blade, the Trump campaign also didn’t respond to their multiple requests for comment on the matter.

Charles Moran, a Log Cabin spokesperson, said: ““We had multiple meetings with senior campaign officials at HQ in Arlington before we started this process and they were enthusiastic.”

“Throughout this process, they were welcoming of our support, were desiring of our endorsement and offered technical assistance if needed,” Moran said.

The Trump campaign later gave out a statement in the Washington Examiner that recognized the endorsement but without recognizing the Log Cabin Republicans.

“President Trump’s policies are working for all Americans, and this is more proof that the American people recognize his successes,” said Trump campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Log Cabin Republicans and racism in the LGBTQ community

Amanda Kerri, writing for The Advocate, said the Log Cabin Republicans signify how diverse the LGBTQ community is– and that includes LGBTQ people who are Republicans and support Trump.

“We white LGBTQ folks don’t talk about it much because it makes us incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly a lot of the minority LGBTQ folks don’t get a lot of space in our media space to discuss it, but there really is a huge problem of racism in our community,” Kerri said.

“Now, don’t for one second think that a gay person can’t be a bigot or prejudiced,” Kerri said, citing Trump supporters who are LGBTQ like corporate mogul Peter Thiel and Ambassador Richard Grenell.

“The Log Cabin Republicans, by endorsing Trump, show us who they are. The Muslim bans, the Nazi apologia, the concentration camps and racial purging — how can anyone who isn’t a bigot endorse that?” she asked.

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