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Vallarta Pride celebrates LGBT ‘One Family’ Festival

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Vallarta Pride

Vallarta Pride celebrates LGBT ‘One Family’ Festival

Vallarta Pride
The much-awaited Vallarta Pride in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will now have the best reason to celebrate this year.

This is because the Mexico Supreme Court had recently ruled gay and lesbian marriages legal in Jalisco by unanimous decision last January 26.

So far, six out of the 32 Mexican Federal entities allow same-sex marriages. In the wake of the high court’s decision, other regions are calling for a review of their constitution.

This could pave the way for Mexico as a nation for equal rights– which means that the party on the streets of La Romantica Zone this May 16 to 30 will be for a great reason.

Vallarta Pride: Celebrating unity

Under the slogan, “We Are One Family”, the Vallarta Pride celebration emphasizes unity in Mexico and around the world.

With last year’s turnout of 15,000 participants, the number of local and international attendees is set to grow as more countries unite and accept diversity.

Vallarta Pride’s 15-day festival features exciting activities, such as a Women’s Party, a local fashion show, a Circuit Party, a film festival, and a Drag Derby.

Art and cultural events include: tea dances on the beach, readings, a health fair, and exhibitions.

However, the main highlight is the International March Against Homophobia taking place on May 17 with the whole community making a stand against discrimination.

Vallarta Pride in Puerto Vallarta

Known as “the number one gay beach mecca in Latin America”, Puerto Vallarta remains the perfect destination to celebrate the LGBT international cause.

Building its reputation for decades, Puerto Vallarta has been named the friendliest haven for local and international gay communities.

“Puerto Vallarta has been recognized internationally as the friendliest city in Mexico. And this is because our people are so welcoming of everyone that comes to our shores,” said Agustin Alvarez, Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board’s director.

“Our LGBT community has always been a part of Puerto Vallarta and its events and festivals. It is a pleasure to see families, boomers, locals, expats, and lovers all commune on the Malecón daily,” Alvarez continued.

Aside from the Vallarta Pride Festival, the cause of the community in Puerto Vallarta is evident every day with LGBT-friendly hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and services that cater to everyone.

Vallarta Pride is a major event with a big heart, recognizing the need to unite for further progress while celebrating diversity all over Mexico and the world.

So let’s all see other at the Vallarta Pride!

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