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What are lesbians’ favorite cars?

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Subaru - lesbians favorite cars

What are lesbians’ favorite cars?

Subaru - lesbians favorite carsWhat are lesbians’ favorite cars? If you believe the stereotype, we lesbians supposedly love big cars. For the longest time, people thought the bigger the car, the more that we love ’em.

But that’s actually a throwback to the time when only butch dykes were brave enough to be out. Today, it’s normal for all sexes to have a favorite car and we have our own.

So we did some digging and we noted the top cars favored by us women-lovin’ women.

1. Subaru Forester

Subaru and lesbians supposedly have this great love affair. But who started it is like the chicken-and-egg question.

Subaru was the first car company to target the lesbian market. But this is because lesbians liked buying the Subaru Forester for their ruggedness, reliability, and car space. An Auto Service near duluth is known to repair and maintain these cars, in case you were looking for auto services.

You could say it’s perfect for the growing lesbian family.

2. Jeep Wrangler

Next to the Forrester, when you see a Jeep Wrangler there’s usually a cute dyke behind the wheel.

While the Forrester is very family-oriented, the Wrangler is for young lesbians who have a long dating life.

A plus factor, it has a more economical gas mileage.

3. Toyota Prius

Activists are not the only ones who love this hybrid car.

This is because more and more lesbians, known for their environmentalism and other activist tendencies, are now turning to this compact sedan.

4. Mini Cooper

Another small car that isn’t even a muscle, this breaks the perception that lesbians love wheels that have high testosterone in them.

It’s more probably because this British car is just too cute to ignore. It’s classy, it’s personal, and lesbians don’t feel embarrassed getting down from it.

5. Ford Ranger

Athletic lesbians love it because there’s space in the back for their gear. Camping lesbians love it because they can pack it up for a day or two in the woods. And just about any lesbian loves it because it is just too handsome.

It’s beautiful on the city streets and a sight on country roads.

6. Subaru Outback

Lesbians just love Subaru. And Subaru loves them too as the Outback is another Subaru favorite of lesbians. It’s the bigger, more expensive, wagon-type Forester.

Since the Forester is cheaper, it’s more ideal for domesticated lesbians with kids.

The Outback, on the other hand, can be afforded by dating lesbians who are still on the prowl. It’s also practical, which lesbians just love.

7. Honda Civic

Again, breaking tradition with big-size cars, the Honda Civic is popular among lesbians because, above all, it’s beautiful.

Second, it runs smooth is and easy to handle.

This car is a favorite among those who love to drive but don’t want the complications of the rugged cars.

So now that we’ve listed down what are lesbians’ favorite cars, which one is your favorite?

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