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What’s it like to be in a lesbian relationship?

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lesbian relationship

What’s it like to be in a lesbian relationship?

lesbian relationship
So, you already know what it’s like to go on a first date with a girl when you’re a girl. This time let’s discuss what to expect when you’re already in a lesbian relationship.

Meaning, if this is your second date, a U-Haul has probably just dropped off her things at your place (or vice-versa).

Lesbian relationship observation #1: It’s 50% talking

Let’s admit it: women are talkers. There may be silent types among us, but put two women together and chances are the talk level will level up.

Put two women in a relationship, and after having sex, they’ll probably spend the night just talking.

Talking is actually the standard bearer of lesbian relationships, And lesbians never run out of things to talk about.

Lesbian relationship observation #2: It’s 50% making love

If lesbian relationships are 50 percent talking, you’re probably wondering what the other half is. It’s making love.

When we first mentioned the lesbian death bed theory, many of our fellow Sapphists reacted. This is because the other standard bearer of lesbian relationships is having sex.

Expect your relationship to be having sex 50 percent of the time. As you go along, you discover things about each other sexually. So it doesn’t really dry up as the lesbian death bed theory connotes.

Lesbian relationship observation #3: There is more crying

Not to belittle crying, but women are emotional beings. So expect your lesbian relationships to have huge, emotional arguments. These usually lead to the two of you crying.

This then leads to the two of you talking about your feelings. Then you have hot make-up sex after. (See observation #2)

Lesbian relationship observation #4: PMS will be more understood than ever

Unlike straight relationships – where men attribute any emotional response to the famous and overused PMS, women lovers can distinguish what is a true reaction to PMS and what is brought about by PMS.

It’s really exactly like a G-spot. They know what it feels like just by touching them.

For example: “Honey, your eyes are a little dilated when you said don’t be late. I think it’ll be that time of the month soon.”

Lesbian relationship observation #5: You can spend the night together and never worry about clothes

If you’re not living together (yet!), you know what it’s like. Sometimes, without anybody expecting it, you end up spending the night together. This is even true for heterosexual relationships.

The only difference is you don’t have to go home the next day wearing the same clothes. You can just borrow from her for work the next day and nobody will know any better.

How about you, dear readers? What are your observations with a lesbian relationship?

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