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5 Halloween costumes for lesbian couples

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5 Halloween costumes for lesbian couples

Have you got your Halloween costumes ready for the party and trick-or-treating?

If you and your partner still have no idea what to wear, we here at Lesbian News came up with a list of lesbian fictional couples that you could go as.

After all, you’re always being mistaken as just regular roommates, sisters, or BFFs. Why not have costumes that you can underline the fact that you’re a couple?

(For more ideas, you can also check out this list of six great fictional lesbian couples we made earlier.)

Halloween costumes #1: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy - Halloween costumesIf you’re reading comic books, one of the greatest partnerships ever made was the blossoming romance of two villains: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

In the comic books, the Harley Quinn series writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner tweeted in 2015 that “they are Girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy.”

Unfortunately, this was never followed up in the recent Harley Quinn comic books by the publisher DC. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t really get together in our dreams.

Halloween costumes #2: Alex and Piper (OITNB)

Alex and Piper - Halloween costumesWe all love Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) and Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) in Orange is the New Black TV series.

But if you’ve been watching the series regularly like we have, then we’re sure you and your partner already considered this idea.

Halloween costumes #3: Lucy and Amy (D.E.B.S.)

Amy and Lucy - Halloween costumesYou want to be kickass superspies for this Halloween? Then you can’t go wrong going as Lucy and Amy from the 2004 spy-comedy D.E.B.S.

If you haven’t watched this movie written and directed by Angela Robinson, the straight arrow Amy Bradshaw (played by Sarah Foster) is a member of a spy organization out to track criminal mastermind Lucy Diamond (essayed by Jordana Brewster).

However, during their first encounter, sparks fly between the two such that Lucy ends up going after Amy– to the point of quitting being a criminal just so that they could be together.

Halloween costumes #4: Lexa and Clarke (The 100)

Lexa and Clarke - Halloween costumesWe’ve lamented in a couple of posts (here and here) about the death of Lexa, a lesbian character in The 100.

In this post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series, Lexa (portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey) is a strong, kickass commander of one of the factions in the show.

Lexa later develops romantic feelings for one of the main characters, Clarke Griffin, played by Eliza Taylor. Unfortunately, just as their relationship blooms, Lexa got killed off.

Halloween costumes #5: Ruby and Sapphire (Steven Universe)

Ruby and Sapphire - Halloween costumesIn another earlier post, we mentioned the rising number of LGBT cartoon characters in kids’ shows. One couple is Ruby and Sapphire in the cartoon series Steven Universe.

Technically, we don’t get to see these two characters much because they’re actually fused into one character, named Garnet.

How cool is that: Garnet is the embodiment of Ruby and Sapphire’s love for each other.

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