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5 lesbian Valentine date spur-of-the-moment ideas

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Lesbian valentine date

5 lesbian Valentine date spur-of-the-moment ideas

Hoping you’re having a happy lesbian Valentine date tonight, sisters in love.

Some of you might not really celebrate this date and think it trivial. But sometimes the mood of the day can be catchy– like a flu.

When that happens, you want to make this Valentine’s Day a little special for your loved one. Here are five spur-of-the-moment ideas you could do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Lesbian Valentine Date idea #1: Say it with flowers

Let’s start with the simplest: a bunch of flowers. We would suggest just picking them on your way to work. Not only would it be sweet and personal, the variety would make it artistic.

Albeit a little more expensive, buy your girlfriend or wife a whole bunch. The trick is to surprise her with it as if you’ve forgotten or wasn’t planning on marking the day special.

Lesbian Valentine Date idea #2: La La Land Jazz Club

It’s Oscar season, and the movie La La Land is on everyone’s lips. So why not get inspired by this quirky musical and go on a date in a jazz club?

If you could go to a jazz club that’s a throwback to the ‘50s, that would be even better as it would be an experience both of you wouldn’t forget.

Lesbian Valentine Date idea # 3: An Airbnb night

Unlike flowers, it might be easier to book a one night staycation at Airbnb.

There’s always a lovely apartment or outskirts of the city country house that would make you forget the world for one night.

You could make it a wine and cheese night or get basic by ordering pizza. The operative word here is staycation.

Lesbian Valentine Date idea #4: Dinner without reservation

Restaurants will be booked to the teeth with dinner reservations so don’t bother calling.

What would make Valentine’s Day fun and memorable is trying to go around earlier looking for a restaurant that would take you in without reservation.

Believe us, there will always be at least one restaurant that take you in and give you an hour/ an hour and a half before the Valentines crowd rush in.

It’ll be unforgettable since you’ll be eating marathon style, your conversation will be light, and you’ll always be checking the maître d’ if the couple that originally reserved your table is already in.

The operative words here are: “adrenaline rush” and “excitement.”

Lesbian Valentine Date idea #5: Proposal day

Because isn’t it about time you get married? Although it’s cheesy to propose on VDay itself, in a few years it will all seem very romantic.

But make it simple. Write her a letter of why and how much you love her. Make sure it’s handwritten. Setup an intimate dinner at home. During desserts, hand it to her.

Then propose. What up? Who’s the woman? You are! Have fun guys!


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