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5 transgender celebrities who won the day

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Transgender celebrities - Isis King

5 transgender celebrities who won the day

Transgender celebrities - Isis King

As the mainstream becomes more accepting of the LGBT, more LGBT personalities are popping up in the public eye including a number of popular transgender celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox.

But as more transgender celebrities get to spend their day in the sun, these celebrities were able to do this because they worked hard and persevered against a judgmental society.

In other words, they survived against the odds. Here are five transgender celebrities who came out winners.

Jazz Jennings

Transgender celebrities: Jazz Jenner

Known for being the youngest person to become a national transgender figure after being identified as gender dysphoric, Jazz went on to write a memoir– Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen— and starring in her own TLC program, I Am Jazz.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Global News anchor Katie Couric, Jazz cited the support of her parents throughout her life: ““I would just say, you have to come from a place of love. This is your child and even though I’m not a parent, I’m saying what my parents said for me. They supported me throughout my entire journey.”

“They accepted me for who I was and I just appreciate that so much. My mom always says I chose to have a living daughter, rather than a dead son and I think that’s a strong statement that parents need to take into mind,” Jazz said.

Ian Harvie

Transgender celebrities: Ian Harvie

Comic and actor Ian Harvie is known for his role as trans man Dale in Amazon’s Transparent. He’s toured with Margaret Cho and had his own self-titled comedy/talk show, The Ian Harvie Show.

Speaking on increased trans representation in media, Ian said: “I believe with increased visibility and deeply good representation, people will see other people who are gender nonconforming– at the market, work, or in a public restroom– and have more understanding, love in their hearts, have a conversation, be more inclusive, and create a safer world.”

Isis King

Transgender celebrities: Isis King

Isis King made a name for herself on the small screen after two seasons on America’s Next Top Model as the first trans woman to ever compete on the show.

But before this, she had spent a year at the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.

“Back then, nobody [in the transgender community] was really speaking out,” Isis told Teen Vogue. “I’m just happy that there are so many more [trans] voices now.”

She added: “It’s not to say, ‘oh, we have it easy.’ It’s more about saying, ‘I have a struggle too, and I got through it, and you can get through it also.'”

Balian Buschbaum

Transgender celebrities: Balian Buschbaum

Before Balian Buschbaum started breaking hearts, he was breaking sports records at the Sydney Olympics as German pole vaulter Yvonne Buschbaum.

After transitioning in 2007, he’s provided coaching and sports consulting services as well as being the author of two books. He also knows how to dance, starring in the German reality dance show, Let’s Dance 2013.

“In hindsight, I think my anger drove my success. When you feel uncomfortable in your own body, you feel rage. I was able to channel that rage into my sport,” Balian said of his involvement in pole vaulting.

Janet Mock

Transgender celebrities: Janet Mock

A former People magazine editor, Janet Mock is a TV host, transgender rights activist, and the author of the New York Times bestseller Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.

Janet came out in an interview with Marie Claire, declaring: “It used to pain me to hear my birth name, a heartbreaking insult classroom bullies would shout to get a rise out of me. But talking and writing about my experiences have helped me finally accept the past and celebrate the fact that I was once a big dreamer who happened to be born a boy named Charles.”

For more news about transgender celebrities, support from the transgender community, and transgender progress, check out the latest issue of Lesbian News.

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