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Abby and the Myth: Lesbian folk rocker on the rise

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Abby and the Myth

Abby and the Myth: Lesbian folk rocker on the rise

If you’ve got a taste for folk rock, then rejoice: Abby and the Myth have a new album out!

Abby Posner’s third album, the twelve-song When You Dig a Well was recorded on an 8-track tape and released last February 10.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Abby, well, sit back and let us tell you about our favorite lesbian Buddhist multi-instrumentalist.

Abby and the Myth: Brief origins

Abby and the Myth is actually headlined by Abby Posner from Evergreen, Colorado. Abby started studying music and performance at the age of six.

From being a pianist, she took up the guitar, drums, bass, banjo, and mandolin. In 2002, she moved to Los Angeles where she studied at the California Institute of the Arts to advance her musical training.

While there, she performed live with a number of bands and wrote for prominent music licensing companies for commercials and films. She even scored two feature length documentaries and played in two episodes on the TV show Glee.

She went solo in 2011, releasing her first album The Gatherer and The Thief.. After that, she came up with her second album, For You, The Spring.

Not satisfied with just her second album, she also released a three-song bonus EP called “The Fall Sessions.” In this EP, she played all the instruments, and then recorded and produced it herself in her home studio.

She started doing live shows in 2013 and came up with a band composed of musicians Abby had met in various musical projects around LA. This band later became The Myth.

h3>Abby and the Myth: In her own words

Here are three things about herself that Abby revealed in an interview with LBVX Magazine:

1. “I always write the music and the words at the same time, never have I written lyrics without knowing what the music sounds like. The two have always have gone hand and hand for me.”

2. “I have never been big into electronic music unless there are organic elements involved.”

3. “When I was touring a few years back, we played a live radio show in Portland, and after the show I received the most beautiful message from someone that listened to the show. She said she was living in a very dark place for years, felt depressed and alone, and hearing our music was the first time she really felt hope again. This was the moment where I said, “I made it.””

Abby and the Myth: Here are the reviews

Though Abby and the Myth are slowly making their way to stardom, they’re already gathering accolades.

“Abby Posner brings a lively contribution to the folk/americana genre with her insightful lyrics and catchy melodies. There is a brilliant contemporary freshness to her work,” said Chris Wilson of KPFK Radio in Los Angeles.

“Abby & the Myth are the kind of band that music fans always hope to stumble upon at a bar, but seldom ever do. With a presence big enough to fill an arena, it is hopefully just a matter of time before they get there,” said Victoria Patneaude of Music Connection

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this music video and see for yourself:

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