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Are you tomboy fashion or butch fashion?

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Tomboy fashion - Cara Delevingne

Are you tomboy fashion or butch fashion?

Tomboy fashion - Cara DelevingneA lot of you are probably wondering: “Tomboy fashion? Butch fashion? Is there a difference?”

But just as fashion is a sense of personal style, it’s only natural that there would be different types of clothing preference, even for lesbians.

Check to see which one are you: tomboy fashion or butch fashion.

The general tomboy fashion

Your everyday wear is something your femme girlfriend would wear on a Sunday, especially if she stayed over for the weekend.

A loose long sleeved button down shirt and cargo shorts that is knee high. It’s then matched with sneakers, most often white Converse.

You’d catch a non-lesbian girl wearing this when she feels like roughing it out.

The general butch fashion

Butch style is something a man would wear on a Sunday. It could be woodsy-type, which is combat boots, heavy cargo pants and a plaid long-sleeved button down shirt with another shirt inside.

Or it could also be an athletic look of basketball or baseball uniforms– the easier to get into the game should it come up that Sunday.

Tomboy fashion at the office

A tomboy at work usually wears a unisex blazer over shirt. It’s very Don Johnson style from the ‘80s; the only difference is instead of slacks, a pair of tight jeans replaces it.

Of course, since this is a work outfit, you wear pumps for your footwear.

Butch fashion at the office

A suit. That’s what you wear to work: a coat and tie with matching slacks plus men’s shined up shoes.

If you’re a little of an artistic butch, you can play around with your suit by wearing a tuxedo shirt beneath your coat.

Or if you want to push your queer fashion a little more, make the tie made of wool or colorful, and your coat pin-striped but with bright colors for the stripes.

Casual tomboy fashion

When you want to stay casual, a tomboy would probably don a pullover– it could sometimes be your university sweatshirt– with a messenger bag and a pair of jeans and sneakers.

The sneakers could be Nike but for some reason, it’s more tomboy fashion if it’s Converse.

Casual butch fashion

When a butch just wants to hang around with the homies, that’s usually what you would wear: the homeboy look.

A chambray shirt– usually wrinkled, sometimes a shirt and a hoodie– jeans of course, or cargo pants that looks army, boots and a ballcap. That’s the casual butch fashion.

The usual tomboy fashion

This is probably what you were waiting for because this is the usual fashion: button down shirt, skinny jeans– rolled up if you like it– and loafers.

Now that is a tomboy fashion.

The usual butch fashion

Butch fashion is more for the mature. Butches love their coats and they also love their boots.

In a nutshell, what’s the difference?

Tomboy fashion is menswear dipped with feminine touches. Butch fashion is simply menswear.

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