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August 2015 Femastrology

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August 2015 Femastrology

August 2015 Femastrology

VirgoThe Aquarius Full Moon on July 31 will stir things up as August begins.  And the winds of change will be blowing. The Leo Sun will keep things upbeat.  Saturn Direct on August 2 will help us to “get the lead out,” finalizing old business and starting new projects. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Virgo on August 8, pushing our thoughts more to productivity. And things will be full steam ahead, for the most part. Except for Venus!

Yep, Venus is Retrograde.  This will keep Goddess of love in this sunny sign of Leo all the way through October, which will have some benefits. The only problem is Venus Retrograde has a reputation for being sort of icky when it comes to love and money. In love, the Retro-Leo-Venus vibration could lead to drama, control issues and egotistical outbursts. New relationships that start in August could have some serious glitches. Ongoing relationships could even have a few bumpy patches. And the parade of “ex’s” is often part of the spectacle, complete with fateful chance encounters and so on. My advice: reserve your judgment about all things romantic until mid-September. Mars goes into Leo on August 9 heating up our passions and desires. Too bad Venus is having such a hissy fit!

With money, try to keep emotions out of major decisions this month. Jupiter changes sign from Leo to Virgo on August 11, signaling a slightly more calculated approach to expansion and change. Then we’ll have a New Moon in Leo on Friday August 11. There’s a Full Moon in Pisces is on Saturday, August 29, 2015. It should be very spiritual and psychic as Neptune in Pisces will be involved in the mix.

Opportunity Days: August 2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 19, 26, 29, and 30.

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