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Do you believe in Mercury Retrograde?

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Mercury Retrograde

Do you believe in Mercury Retrograde?

If you feel like August is getting you down and nothing seems to be going right, maybe you’re feeling the Mercury Retrograde blues.

Supposedly Mercury Retrograde in August started in August 13 and will end on September 5.

What’s more, you can check out our Femastrology in this month’s issue of Lesbian News to see what to expect.

But in the meantime, what the heck does Mercury Retrograde mean and why does the period always feel shitty?

Mercury Retrograde simplified

Mecury in retrograde or Mercury retrograde is an astrological term wherein the planet Mercury seems to slow down to a stop such that it appears to move backwards or ‘retrograde.’

Given the planet Mercury signifies the planetary ‘messenger,’
this ‘retrograde’ motion has an overall energetic effect on us and affects all forms of communication and the mind.

Traditionally, this means you can expect a lot of confusions, delays, and frustrations. You can also expect your laid-out plans

In today’s morning age, this means problems with all forms of communications, technology, and electronics. Also, expect an increase in misunderstandings, confusion, delayed respones, and slow-moving issues with technology.

In other words, expect things to go wrong a lot. Likewise (and you’ll get this a lot), you shouldn’t start anything new like sign contracts or begin projects.

If you can’t avoid this, make sure to be careful and read the fine print thrice.

This event happens every three or four times a year. The last time this happened was in January, April, and then this August. The next and last time it will happen is this December.

How to survive the Mercury Retrograde

So, how can Mercury Retrograde really affect us? And how can you last it?

Well, whether or not you believe in astrology, here’s the thing: according to astrology, the planet Mercury doesn’t care if you don’t believe in it as it will still run roughshod over your life.

As for surviving the period, just remember: Mercury Retrograde can give you a chance to reflect. That’s why take a deep breath, slow down, and take your time. This period won’t last forever.

You can also use your intuition more during this period as you can expect more coincidences. Be flexible and give yourself extra time and effort in your plans.

As mentioned earlier, avoid signing those contracts and review your projects and plans before enacting them. Better yet, start them when Mercury Retrograde is over.

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