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Bisexual or lesbian… but no straight women

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Bisexual lesbian straight women

Bisexual or lesbian… but no straight women

Bisexual lesbian straight women
According to a study, women may be bisexual or they may be lesbian– but there’s no such thing as a straight woman.

This was revealed in a study done by the University of Essex last November. Though this is somewhat old news, truth to told, it’s even older news for a lot of lesbians.

For one thing, we’ve written about how fluid or elastic a woman’s sexuality is. For another, ask any lesbian who’s had their fair share of relationships and they’ll tell you that a lot of their lovers were straight or had also been involved with men.

Still, it’s good to be backed by scientific research rather than good old-fashioned experience.

Lesbian and bisexual study

Led by Dr. Gerulf Rieger of the university’s Department of Psychology, the study involved 345 women shown videos of naked men and women.

Their response via the uncontrolled reaction of their pupils to the videos were analyzed to determine the effects of images.

The result was interesting: as a high 82 percent of the women were aroused upon seeing images of both men and women. This meant that with the sexual stimuli, the women’s pupils dilated, which represented arousal– in other words, they were turned on by the image.

“Even though the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but never straight,” Dr. Rieger explained.

While those who identified as lesbians were clear in their responses that they were more turned on by women, 72 percent of those who identified as straight were aroused by both men and women.

Elasticity in bisexual and lesbian women

We’ve already explained before that women’s sexual preference are more fluid than men, as indicated by past studies.

Men are more definite about who they want to go to bed with because they’re visual-driven. If they prefer men, they want to see a penis on their partner. If they prefer a woman, it should be a vagina.

Women, on the other hand, are more drawn to personalities rather than the gender, preferring a level of intimacy they feel towards the person they want to sleep with.

Of course, lesbians (and bisexuals) knew this already– based on experiential data rather than any thing theoretical. Just watch any lesbian film: it’s always about a straight girl who falls for a lesbian.

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