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Bisexuals and lesbians: When worlds collide

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Bisexuals and lesbians: When worlds collide

There is no love lost between bisexuals and lesbians. This came to the fore during the LGBT witch hunt in the ’50s.

Even now, there is considerable distrust between bisexuals and lesbians such that they’re wont to stay away from each other.

This is because bisexuals have never felt the acceptance of their fellow sisters who also love women. Meanwhile, lesbians don’t trust what they see as the wishy-washy choices of female bisexuals.

With studies revealing the sexual fluidity of women– known as pansexuality— the thinking now is that there are no straight women, only women sliding up and down a scale in loving both sexes.

But has this been accepted by the lesbian community? More to the point, what happens when a lesbian shifts to being a bisexual?

Bisexuals and lesbians: The fluidity of sexuality

Popular vlogger Arielle Scarcella uploaded on YouTube a very candid and personal interview with a lesbian who came out as bisexual.

The young woman, Lysandre Nadeau, had first identified as being a lesbian. But lately, she began to recognize certain feelings that had always been with her: an attraction to men as well.

From being a lesbian, the girl related the troubles she had in coming out as a bisexual.

“Sometimes you’re gay until you’re not. Sometimes you’re straight until you’re not,” Arielle told Huffington Post.

“[Nadeau’s] story is important because many lesbians aren’t as supportive when we ‘lose one of us.’ Truth is, we’re only losing them if we treat them as we have been– which is badly,” she added.

Bisexuals and lesbians: Pride and prejudice

While the lesbians and gays in LGBT community are fighting for equal treatment, bisexuals– especially bisexual women– have relatively remained quiet.

Even in the community, there is is still prejudice present aimed at bisexuals as well as transgenders.

In a fashion, our psychological makeup is very controlling in that we like categories and we feel we’re only allowed one sexuality.

In a letter written to the advice column Go Ask Alice, the sender named A Worried Bisexual Lesbian said: “I am quite comfortable with identifying as a lesbian, but occasionally I find myself attracted to men. In my heart, I know that I am actually bisexual, but it really bugs me.”

According to the sender, it was a long process for her to accept her feelings for women and to come out to society as a lesbian. But she still finds herself still attracted to men.

Anonymous advice seekers such as this are common because they have no medium to express their concerns.

As Arielle noted, this discriminatory feeling lesbians have when a sister starts loving men can be translated to: You’re not one of us anymore.

What do you think of this issue? Check out Ariella’s interview and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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