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The Justice Department has withdrawn a Trump anti-LGBTQ memo it sent limiting the expansion of LGBTQ rights under last year's high court decision.

Dr. Jill Biden has made a visit to a Whitman-Walker Health HIV/AIDS clinic in Washington, DC as one of her first official acts as the US First Lady.

President Jose Biden has issued an executive order assuring that the federal government will not engage in LGBTQ workplace discrimination.

Three Polish LGBT activists are facing trial in the city of Plock in Poland after protesting against the Catholic Church.

A lesbian teenager has revealed that her Trump-supporting family was involved in the harassment of a Black woman in Washington, DC.

Municipalities are planning to expand LGBT rights after a North Carolina moratorium on non-discrimination ordinances had expired in December.

An appeals court in North Carolina has allowed the domestic violence protection order to be issued for dating or formerly dating LGBTQ couples.

A number of LGBTQ leaders and groups have spoken out against the Capitol riot after President Donald Trump urged his supporters to march on to Congress.

With the Democrats winning the Georgia run-offs, the Republicans have lost control of the Senate. What does this mean for the LGBTQ community overall?

A study has found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual veterans have a higher risk of suicide, accounting for 3.8 percent of deaths among LGB veterans in 2017.