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Celebrity lesbian fashion with a following

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Celebrity lesbian fashion - Ellen DeGeneres

Celebrity lesbian fashion with a following

Before, there were no celebrity lesbian fashion trends that the lesbian community could follow.

This was because there were no fashion designers that dictated the latest lesbian style, no new season layout to look forward to, and definitely no magazine covers to say this is what lesbians should wear.

Fortunately, with so many lesbian celebrities who were brave enough to come out, the community now have lesbian fashion icons that they can follow.

Here are a few lesbian fashion trends developed by lesbian celebrities:

Ellen DeGeneres fashion

Celebrity lesbian fashion: Classic suit and sneakers

With TV show host Ellen DeGeneres constantly on our TV screens, it’s only natural she’s become the biggest lesbian fashion icon of the community.

Ellen is neither butch nor femme but hovering in what she, herself, has called “chapstick lesbian,” which is what most of the millennial lesbians are.

Ellen’s lesbian fashion is mostly the classic suit, but with a softness to it that says: this isn’t menswear.

She also has a love for vests, sweaters, scarfs and blazers, which she usually matches with her signature sneakers.

Even her sneakers are very lesbian, as there is nothing feminine nor masculine about them.

Samantha Ronson fashion

Celebrity lesbian fashion: Skinny jeans and high top sneakers

British DJ Samantha Ronson has no choice but to be influentially fashionable, given that her sister Charlotte is a fashion designer.

If you see a lot of lesbians wearing skinny jeans on top of fuming high-top sneakers, this has been brought to our shores by Ronson.

There’s also something very angry about her look– Autostraddle calls it “anti-sex”– but there’s also something very seductive about it.

Lastly, she’s managed to develop a following for her sneakers such that Supra asked her to design her own line of shoes.

Joan Jett fashion

Celebrity lesbian fashion: I love rock and roll

If you think Ronson’s fashion is angry, Joan Jett’s hug-tight t-shirts, cropped hair, and leather pants are rock and roll livid.

The 58-year old rock star’s fashion sense has been rocking the lesbian world since the 70s. But it recently developed a huge following because of Runaways, a movie starring Kristen Stewart about Jett’s all-girl band.

A new addition to this rock-and-roll fashion is the shaved hairstyle. While Jett mostly influenced the cropped hair style, the shaved hairstyle is only having half of your head shaved except the top part, which is sort of like Mohawk-style.

Alice L Word fashion

Celebrity lesbian fashion: The bisexual

By bisexual we mean, the fashion can range from butch to tomboy to femme.

This lesbian fashion was influenced by Leisha Hailey, whose character Alice in The L Word was the one nobody loved one minute and then was hated the next. But everybody watching the show loved her.

That’s why she was the only who could get away wearing punk rock one moment, a t-shirt and hoodies after, and then a little black dress.

Oh, she can go Joan Jett too when the mood calls for it.

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