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Class6 LGBTQ comics offers print edition on Kickstarter

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Class6 LGBTQ comics

Class6 LGBTQ comics offers print edition on Kickstarter

If you’re craving for superhero comic books but can’t find one that represents you, Kraven Comics has a Kickstarter offering the Class6 LGBTQ comics in print edition.

Presently available in digital edition, Class6 features superheroes representing the different members of the LGBTQ community joining together to fight against hatred and defend its vulnerable members.

Their Kickstarter project for a print run– available here— has a deadline of July 3.

Class6 LGBTQ comics: Voiced by the community

With the popularity of comic book superheroes on the screen, it’s only natural to think: where are the LGBTQ superheroes?

There are LGBTQ comic books and LGBTQ comic book characters out there, but Kraven Comics has come out with a full roster of LGBTQ superheroes.

Composed of the different members of the LGBTQ community, these include: Jaseri (lesbian), Neveah (Transgender), Kian (Bear), Nami (Twink), Queen Izaar (Drag Queen), and Eron (Leather).

The brainchild of Fernando Velez and the team effort of ten Latin artists, Kraven Comics wanted to “represent gay life in comics and show the hardship in life that many in our community go through.”

“This representation had to be brought in a way that would be interesting and authentic, especially that it came from those within the LGBTQ community,” the group declared on their website.

A Kickstarter project affected by the pandemic

In their Kickstarter page, the company was originally planning to release a print edition of their digital comic when the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Velez said, “We need your help to be able to print the first midseason of Class6, so the hard work and the sacrifices of our team don’t vanish, so our dream of making this comic book series doesn’t just end here.”

The target of their Kickstarter is US$8,500 for their first print run, though they are offering freebies like stickers and posters if they go over their goal.

Velez further said: “I feel so lucky and proud when I think about our team, our family of artists, to the point where I get chills and have positive energy running through my body.”

“This feeling is a motivation to make our dream a reality, to not let the team down, to complete our vision of making a strong gay-heroes comic book series created by Latinos,” he added.

Class6 LGBTQ comics pushes comic book representation

Class6 and Kraven Comics was born when Velez came up with the idea of creating his own LGBTQ superheroes while finding a way to make his online gay publication, Kraven Magazine, heroic.

When someone pointed out how there was a lack of representation in the comic book world, Velez wondered how he could change this.

With the establishment of their company, their comics are presently available in different languages and on multiple digital platforms.

On their website, their company declared: “​With our stories and reach, we aim to unify our community and to be inclusive. Our comic books, characters, and stories are universal.”

“Our stories highlight social justice, political issues, racism, women’s and children’s rights, wealth inequality, government abuse, and many more issues that affect us all,” they added.

“We are not just a gay comic book; we are part of a human rights movement,” they said.

For more about Class6, check out their video here:

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