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Coming out to your mom on Mother’s Day

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Coming out - Mothers Day

Coming out to your mom on Mother’s Day

Coming out - Mothers Day
To all those who have yet to come out to their moms– especially those whose friends all know the girl living with you is more than just your roommate– what can you give your mom this Mother’s Day? Well, why not make it your coming out day?

You should let her know of your true sexuality. Don’t you think your mom deserves the truth, especially if you can be honest on Mother’s Day?

We know this is a sensitive issue for some. Still, Mom deserves to know you’re a lesbian. Here are some tips on how go about it:

Coming out tip#1: Make sure the setting is peaceful

Before you begin, make sure there are no other obstacles to ruin this monumental day. Make sure you’re not arguing with each other at the moment. Make sure she’s not worried about something else.

Her emotional being should be on the positive side.

Coming out tip#2: Make sure you’re also in a good place

If she’s on the happy side, so should you. We all know that coming out can go different ways.

She can accept the true you; she can tell you she already knows (because usually a mother always know). Or, she can reject you.

If the latter scenario happens, it’s important that you’re feeling positive enough to accept this.

Coming out tip#3: Start light

Coming out is a process. Realizing and accepting yourself was a process. So it is for other people too.

Don’t just blurt it out to your mom that you’re a lesbian. Start with a light subject like, say, you met a nice girl in a cafe and you hit it off quite well. And work your way up.

It might also be good if you can do it after lunch or dinner celebration.

This way, whatever happens, she won’t take it against you that you ruined a perfect meal.

Coming out tip#4: Be calm

There’s a reason you’re only coming out now, and that’s because you’re worried of how she’ll react.

Be calm. Don’t add to the drama by being negative. Whatever she might say against you, be assuring and be reasonable.

Know you are on the right.

Coming tip#5: This is just about coming out

The last thing to remember: you’re coming out to her. Whatever happens after doesn’t matter.

Whether she approves or not is not what’s important. You came out. You told her the truth.

Happy Mother’s Day to all lesbian moms and to all your mothers!

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