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The Dancing Emma’s happily ever after… Or not?

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The Dancing Emma’s happily ever after… Or not?

By Lucy J. Madison

Sure, Emma Watson and Emma Stone spent months rehearsing and preparing for their respective roles in the budget-busting musical feature films Beauty and the Beast and LaLaLand where they both dance and twirl their ways across the big screen. Rumor has it Emma Watson turned down the role first before her make-believe Hollywood girlfriend snatched it up for herself, ultimately nabbing an Oscar for Best Actress.

But can they dance off into the sunset together in a sexy lip-locked girl-on-girl tango? That’s the real question. Let’s pop into their wonderfully colorful Notting Hill house that they bought together in the U-Haul stage of their whirlwind lesbian romance last May.

“You never make time for me anymore. All you do is spend time training,” whines Emma S. “And when you get home, you’re always so tired, complaining your legs hurt from all the riding with that beast of a horse.”

“Oh, and you’re not in rehearsals all day with Ryan Gosling? Are you having an affair with him? You’re with him constantly,” retorts Emma W., her tiny hands on her slender hips in dramatic indignation.

Emma S.’s cell phone beeps with a text message. Petite Emma W. grabs it from her in a swift motion and reads it aloud, her voice dripping with sarcasm: “Hey babe. Want to grab sushi after voice tomorrow?”

“It’s not what it sounds like. He’s just so incredibly nice and sweet. He’s like the nicest person on the planet. And we do have to eat,” replies Emma Stone, a pleading tone to her voice. She brushes away a strand of hair from the other Emma’s face, leaning in close as if to kiss her. “All this singing and dancing is going to tear us apart. Babe, we need to make some time for each other away from all the rehearsals and paparazzi.”

Emma W. flops down on the couch. “I know. I’m sorry. I’m just so tired all the time. I have an idea! Why don’t we take a holiday and visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios?”

“But that’s not really my thing, babe. It’s yours.”

“It will be so fun,” pleads Emma W. “We can drink Hogsmeade and play virtual Quiddich and forget about all these blasted rehearsals for a spell!”

“My idea of relaxing is not walking around a crowded theme park. This proves my point. You used to be so romantic. Now we have about as much romance between us as a grocery sack, Emma Stone says as she heads for the door. “I don’t think this is going to work out. We’re just too different.” She departs, closing the door softly behind her.

Emma Watson stares at the door in shock and surprise. She pauses a moment, then texts a message quickly. It reads:

Hey Emily [Blount], if you’re in town, let’s grab a pint.”

The End…Or is it?

Disclaimer: This series is a satire by the author and is entirely a work of fiction and is not intended maliciously. Celebrities are in a fictional depiction or personality parody.


About Lucy J. Madison

Lucy J. Madison is a novelist, poet, and screenwriter from Connecticut. She’s the author of two contemporary lesbian romance novels In the Direction of the Sun and Personal Foul as well as a collection of poetry entitled I.V. Poems (Sapphire Books). www.lucyjmadison.com Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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