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Dating lesbians, or how to date a girl if you’re a girl

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Dating lesbians

Dating lesbians, or how to date a girl if you’re a girl

There’s a running joke about lesbians dating lesbians you’ve probably heard: what does a lesbian bring to a second date? A U-Haul.

That’s because lesbians have a tendency to move in together that fast. It’s funny because it’s true. How many of us have met our soulmates after just a few hours of talking to them?

So given our lightning speed tendency and it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we’re giving out a few tips on how to date a girl– when you’re a girl on your first date.

Dating lesbians tip #1: Bring them to a neutral area.

By this we mean, don’t bring them to your hangout bar or places where your friends will be. For one, chances are you’re still friends with your ex, and your ex will be at that place.

For all of the no-rule regulations when it comes to same sex, that would be awkward.

Second, these are your friends. It’s like introducing them to your family on your first date. Again: awkward.

Dating lesbians tip #2: Avoid mentioning your past relationships.

It’s just like the U-Haul. Lesbians have a tendency to talk about their past relationships. It’s so universal.

Especially if they’re trying to recover from a broken heart, lesbians have this habit of oversharing what went wrong in their previous relationship.

Perhaps you can do that on the fourth date and you’re in bed cuddling after sex. Then that would be the perfect time to talk about your ex who never came back from her European vacation.

Dating lesbians tip #3: Pay the bill if you’re the one who asked for the date.

Dating in a restaurant and the check that comes with it has always been a point of contention. Between two women, who pays the bill?

As much as we usually go Dutch or halfsies on the bill, sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of elegance.

So if you’re the one who asked for the date, pay for the date. If she offers to pay half of it, decide if you want to let her.

But don’t let her pay for it if you asked for the date.

Dating lesbians tip #4: If you asked for it, it’s your show.

Again, if you’re the initiator of the date, be the host. Make sure you have enough ammo when it comes to conversational pieces.

Even if you’re the typical introverted lesbian, make some effort to keep the date lively. So talk.

Then again, if she’s the talkative type, give the stage to her.

Dating lesbians tip #5: Post-date – compliment the date.

After you’ve brought her home, or, if you spent the night, when you get home, send her a message that you enjoyed her company.

That’s good manners.

How about you? Any tips for dating lesbians you can offer to our readers?

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